Letters G and N – Gardening and Nature

After a week with indoor field trips (all AWESOME), I was looking forward to an afternoon just exploring outside so I couldn’t wait to hit Letters G and N!!!

We of course started our morning with circle time and book work.

After an unprocessed snack of fresh fruit and nuts, we jumped right into the next activity of the day – planting our own daisy seeds in a clear growing box so we can watch the roots and stems emerge! There is even a sheet in their work books to document how tall they grow over the next few weeks to see who wins for tallest flower 🙂 I created some plant markers so we don’t forget whose seeds are whose.

After a quick lunch, we then grabbed a hold of our scavenger egg cartons and hopped in the car off on another adventure! We arrived at the Rio Grande Nature Center and started our amazing afternoon.

We found the most amazing exoskeleton of a cicada! They just pop right out the back so their exo is completely whole in shape! We were all SO fascinated and found quite a few of them.

The boys spent at least 30 minutes just looking out the window at the observatory watching the turtles, frogs, tadpoles, and investigating spider webs!

We spent some more time exploring the Nature Center where they had fun making animal tracks, animal shape crayon rubbings, and putting on puppet shows!

We then spent the remainder of the afternoon simply taking in the awesome surroundings outside!

This last one pretty much sums up the day 🙂

Love my boys!



  1. This was amazing. Not just the education but the fun and the pictures were spectacular. Thanks!

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