Letters K and Q for Kings and Queens!


We lived like Royals today and what fun it was! We started off the morning with circle time including shape recognition cards and stories. Like yesterday, we started with what ended up being a quite lengthy book so we only got to one this morning. They really enjoyed Dr. Seuss’ The King’s Stilts. The King’s hard work and devotion to his kingdom is endearing. His desire to work hard and play hard is a great lesson for all! I had also intended to read The King and the Seed (Maddern) which touches upon how the inheritance of a throne works but alas, we didn’t get to it. I did leave it out on the carpet for the early finishers as well as A Medieval Feast (Aliki).

We worked on letters K and Q as well as themed worksheets.

KQ Workbook Work

KQ Workbook Pages

As soon as the first two kiddos were done with their workbooks, I had a Medieval card game from Deceptively Educational waiting for them. It was intended to be played similarly to Skip Bo but we played it as a game of War. They had a blast!


We took a break to construct our super fancy tea cups and enjoyed some pudding with them. All you need for this fun snack are ice cream cones, peach rings, cookies (we used golden oreos), and vanilla pudding (or whatever you fancy). The kiddos enjoyed building them and the cones tasted particularly good with the pudding if I do say so myself!

KQ Teacup snack

We headed back upstairs to discuss Feudalism and I created a large pyramid with paper figures to help engage them in the discussion. We did a bit of reading about the structure and how each layer benefited from one another.

KQ Feudalism Chart

After we finished that game, we constructed quite realistic looking crowns. I followed the instructions from freekidscrafts.com. We had some difficulty with the tissue paper but worked through it using some scrapbook tape and adhering it to the inside frame. They had so much fun gluing on all the embellishments. While they were building, we discussed the British Crown Jewels and the importance of each stone that adorns it. I LOVE how these came out!

KQ DIY Crowns


We finished up our day with a special crown sandwich and these were SO cute and of course yummy!

KW Crown Sandwich

We had such a great time discussing monarchies and being so fancy-lol!



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