Q is for AlbuQuerQue!

Q is for Albuquerque

I’ve been looking forward to this day and the fun we’ll have exploring our city!

We started off with circle and made sure to say the New Mexico pledge nice and loud after the regular pledge of allegiance!

 I salute the flag of the state of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures.

I had a book to read but it went with a snack and math activity so I decided to hold it off till after workbooks.

Workbooks were quite short as there are not a ton of worksheets that involve New Mexico 🙂

Q worksheet Collage

Q Kids Workbook Collage

Now, it was time to read AND sing good ol’ Albuquerque Turkey!


It is sung to the tune of Oh My Darlin’ Clementine. So cute!

Following the book, everyone received a Turkey math worksheet.

Q Turkey Math

We then headed to the kitchen for Apple and Pepper Turkey assembly!


The kiddos thought this snack was awesome and ate it right up! All you need is peppers sliced thin, an apple, a carrot, little part of a blackberry for eyes, and toothpicks!

Q Apple Turkey Snack Collage


After snack, we packed up lunches (cute ol’ State sandwiches with a blueberry capital marker) and headed out to Tiguex Park for a bit of playing and a picnic lunch before we began on our Old Town Scavenger Hunt!


IMG_2756This hunt was a field trip of my second grader earlier this year. It has clues to historic markers and points of interest.


Q Old Town Hunt 1

Q Old Town Hunt 2

Q Old Town Hunt 3

 It was unfortunately a bit hot so we skipped the last two locations but we did make a stop for some ice cream. It is summer school after all 🙂



I and R for Invent a Robot!

I and R for Invent a Robot

We. Are.Rockin.Summer.School. Yup, that was my lame attempt at robot talk. Our day was far from lame though 🙂

After circle time, we read the Robot and the Bluebird. What a sweet story. Such a great lesson in empathy and self sacrifice. A must read for all and great illustrations to boot!


We moved onto letter work and with two letters and plenty of themed worksheets, we kept busy! A bunch of the worksheets for the older kiddos came from Enchantedlearning.com, and the majority of the others, Education.com.

Little Robots Work

Bigs Robot Work

Robot workbook working collage

I built a sample of the snack as a guide for the boys. I love watching the excitement on their faces when they come down from school and check out what themed snack is next! This robot came out so cute. I tried to find healthier options to use for the body parts and boy did they have a great time building them.


Robot Snack Collage

I  purchased these 4M sets off of Amazon having built the doodlebot years ago when the olders were toddlers. I remember it being easy and fun for them to watch. I had hoped my oldest would be able to do the can robot by himself but he too needed help here and there. Having to help all three of them made for a long afternoon. Sigh. However, we finished and they had a blast putting their creations to work…I mean play!

Gabe Robot Craft Collage

Lucas Brush Robot Collage

Ben Robot Craft Collage

It was a long but rewarding day!


G and P for Government and Presidents!

G and P are for Governments and Presidents

Hail to the chief! I have to admit, I was a bit nervous running this lesson as I needed a refresher on the branches of government in a big way! Let’s just say I think I re-learned as much as they did during this lesson.

We started off with circle time and read through three great books. If I ran for President and If I were President were great at explaining the political process and the boys loved learning all about the cool aspects of the White House and life as a President. They all wanted to be President once they learned there was a movie theater and bowling alley right in the White House-lol! The first part of the Congress book was the perfect introduction into the three branches of government. It helped lay out for the boys the idea of checks and balances and a need for various branches.


Laying out the Branches of Government on the board was informative and most importantly FUN! I handed the boys four cards each with descriptions of something that falls under one of the branches i.e., I help declare war or I make new laws. This unit was well done and can be found here at TPT(http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Government-Unit-for-Primary-Grades-Study-Guide-Worksheets-and-Tests-548918).

G and P Branches Activity

There were tons of great worksheets I used for this section of the workbook including some from the above TPT unit (well worth the $5 price).

Older Boys G and P Worksheets

Ben G and P Worksheets

With the three books we read and the Branches board, we were running late so I let them nibble on the themed snack while working on worksheets. I happened to find these Patriot pretzels for the 4th and thought they would work perfectly for today (and perhaps a later lesson plan too :).

G and P Pretzel Snack

Following snack, we played a Presidents BINGO with real coins. These boards were all about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln! And to boot, this download is FREE on TPT (http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Presidents-Day-Bingo-24-cards-205565)!

G and P President BINGO

Puppet time! How fun to create paper bag puppets of our First and Current Presidents! The boys had even more fun doing this than I hoped. Here is where I found the Obama template (http://www.kidscreativechaos.com/2013/02/barack-obama-paper-bag-puppet-hey-when.html) and the George Washington template (http://squishideasforpreschool.blogspot.com/2012/01/presidents-washington-lincoln.html).

G and P President Craft



And this just about sums up our wonderfully crazy summer school!


Letter O – Olympics

I was looking forward to this day so the kids could participate in some fun outdoor activities but it was SO HOT! We ended up doing some quick outside activities and spending a ton of time swimming instead!

We of course started with some fun book work

We then snacked on crackers and cheese 🙂 The kiddos found these surprisingly very entertaining even thought they were zero effort!

Next it was time to create some medals! I found these great FREE printables for medals at abcteach.com. We printed them out, laminated them, and attached them to USA ribbon from Michael’s.

We also created some torches from cardboard tubes, tissue paper, and aluminum foil to carry around as well!

We did a quick 50 yard dash outside, shot put and discus throw and then did some 25 yd laps when we got to the pool. All in all, we had a great day and the boys are SO excited for the Summer Olympics to begin!

Letters D and F – Dinosaurs and Fossils

We worked on Letters D and F today and I am thrilled that the boys are still enthusiastic about summer school!

We started our day with our morning circle routine and Lucas sang “My Name is Stegosaurus” for us which he learned this year in Kindergarten; so cute!

Then, it was on to book work!

After book work is snack-certainly a favorite part of the day for the boys!

After tummies were full, it was time to construct us a volcano!

After it has time to dry, we will get started painting it and then on to the baking soda and vinegar explosion!

The craft today was particularly fun! The boys created their own dinosaurs out of fossils.


I found the following amazing fossils on Oriental Trading and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them at that time. However, it came to me the night before our school day just what to do with them! I laid out the dinosaurs and created blank work books. They used their Dinosaur sticker workbooks from Oriental Trading to decorate the covers. Together, we separated the fossils into two groups: two legged and four legged. We investigated their bone structures and looked up the different names online. They found the computer image of the dinosaur at the center of the table that matched, glued it in their books, wrote the name and genus, as well as wether or not it was an herbivore or carnivore. It took some time (more than I had anticipated) but the books came in handy when visiting the Natural History museum later and it was amazing how much they had retained of the different types once they saw them there!

After lunch, it was off to the museum!

We even enjoyed a great show at the IMAX theatre! I highly recommend it.

A great day all in all!!