Letters H and X- Health and X Ray

I was looking forward to this lesson because I had found great items on Oriental Trading and Carolina Biological Supply for the boys to use/create while pulling these lessons together!

We of course started with morning circle and book work. I intended to sing Dry Bones (some call it Dem Bones) but wanted to get so much in and we had some guests today, so I cut morning circle short without the song. Bummer.

Some of the book work required the kiddos to pull out our collection of 3D and pop up Human Body books and do some research!

We took a break for snack and I set up a blindfolded taste test for the kiddos. We had spent some time on the five senses while doing book work so I wanted to put “Taste” to the test during snack!

I created some salty, sour and sweet items for them. I put on their blindfolds and had them try an item one at a time. They would tell me whether they thought it was sweet, salty or sour. After they were done, they categorized the items and filled out the fun sheet. The below picture is my messy Ben’s plate after he was done moving the piles around on his plate (forgot to take the before picture 🙂 ) . I think everyone had fun!

After snack, we moved onto skeleton construction! I found these great kits from Carolina Biological and thought they boys would love building them and placing them on the shelves in their rooms!

After the assembly of these fun kits, we moved onto the great sticker sets I found at Oriental Trading! They have great organ and skeleton sets where you place your own stickers and labels on. It takes some research once again from books or the web to put the whole thing together! The stickers are moveable so children can adjust where the parts go if they find they’ve mistakingly put the wrong one down or too high/low.

We started with the skeletal structure and read the Scholastic book What Does the X Ray Say? which was illustrated by children themselves!

Next, was the organ structure!

The boys had enjoyed the information so much they were quizzing each other and Daddy at dinner that very night! I love how much fun they are having!!



  1. Mrs. Wandsneider says:

    WOW! I am glad you enjoyed that X-Ray book. My 2nd grade class from West Allis, WI wrote and illustrated that book a couple of years ago and won the grand prize for the Scholastic Kids Are Authors contest! I’m sure those students would be happy to know that their book is helping others 🙂

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