School’s Out for SUMMER!

EY Welcome to Summer


Our last day of school looked a little like this…


Gabe First and last Day of School


Lucas First and Last Day of School





Welcome to Summer Collage


followed by popsicles, water balloons, water fight, and the park!




Baseball Park Collage


The perfect way to jump into Summer!


How did you or will you celebrate the end of school and beginning of summer?





Today is National Watermelon Day!


Yup, that’s right-today is National Watermelon Day! It seems like there is a National Food day every day nowadays but hey, this one I am happy to jump on. There’s just something about watermelon, especially when it’s cold and fresh on a HOT summer day. In honor of today, I rounded up some traditional and non traditional images that will hopefully inspire you to make something special of the day!  Pretty much every image is via pinterest  and there is even more inspiration to be found there!

Watermelon Nachos

See My Footrprints

And of course, how timely- Olympic Rings!

Watermelon Olympic Rings

And if you are thirsty, another great idea!

Martha Stewart

Need to cool off? Try these cold watermelon treats!

Eat Yourself Skinny

Nourishing Meals

Perhaps you need to bring a more traditional baked dessert to a BBQ today or this weekend? Try these super cute watermelon-inspired desserts!

Watermelon Cake Pop

Watermelon Cake


Watermelon Jello Slices


Enjoy a watermelon today!! I know we will.

Power Ranger Party Spectacular!

My 4-year-old has been obsessed with ninjas since he could walk; he walks around doing the moves without even realizing it! He is consequently super into Power Rangers, and thanks to Netflix, he has access to the some 12 or so series (seriously, I can’t believe how many versions of the Power Ranger show there are!!).  Once we found out that where he takes Taekwondo hosts birthday parties, it was a no brainer!

I created all the paper products myself, found the awesome toppers and cake pops here and purchased the water bottles at Michaels!

This simple detail was so easy to create and brought such a smile to his face! It was one of my favorite details too. I printed out a large scale picture of their face masks on full mailing label paper (full sticky sheet) and cut out the black mask. Easy and so unique!

The kiddos had tons of fun participating in basic skills training (led by the birthday ninja himself!), an obstacle course, game of human tug of war, and intense foam sword fight!

My favorite little power ranger had a fantastic birthday and the little rangers took home their white belts, a power ranger LEGO baggie, and a gift certificate to come back and try out the dojo for a few weeks!

I love how happy this day made him!!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

FREE End of School Year Cupcake Toppers!

Super busy celebrating the end of the school year with the kiddos but wanted to share these cute cupcake toppers I made for them for their last day! Please share but use them for personal use only.

Thanks and Happy Summer!

Click below for download:

End of School Toppers

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Tip Junkie handmade projects

Baseball Game Snack!

I love to make things extra special so when it was my turn for snack duty at my son’s T ball game, I got all into it (I know, no one is surprised!). He plays for the Texas Rangers so I googled their logo and whipped up a label for the bag and water bottles (in pic monkey). I also googled the Cracker Jack logo and added a quick label for that bag too!

I thought what better than Cracker Jack for baseball! I also added an organic fruit leather and mini water bottle! I thought my son would be bummed I didn’t add some overly sugary drink but he was so excited about the label-win win!

With all the allergies nowadays, I made up some bags of caramel popcorn for those with peanut allergies. Easy and thoughtful.

There was a lot of excitement over the bags and I know my son was thrilled!

Thank You Coach-We Had A “Ball”!

Our boys started their first seasons of baseball this year and are lovin’ it! We are having a blast watching them come into their own. I love the fun they are having and the confidence they are gaining.

As a thank you to their wonderful coaches, the boys and I wanted to give them a small token of our appreciation!

I saw this inspiration from Simply This and That and loved it!

We needed to adjust it for our baseball coaches and we know they like chocolate! So here is our version!

Drumroll please……

I picked up the clear paint cans at Michael’s and the Batter Up ribbon there as well. The baseball ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. I had to order the candies online because they were surprisingly hard to find around here! They are just too cute and so simple!

The boys can’t wait to thank their coaches for all the fun they have had this season!!

What are some gifts you have given coaches?

Tip Junkie handmade projects

School’s Out for Summer..Well, Almost!

As of this upcoming Monday, my kiddos only have 10 1/2 (yup a half day for snow….lame) days of school left! CRAZY! I plan on doing some fun things the next two weeks to help get them excited (actually they need to calm down a bit about the approaching summer vacation so maybe these aren’t great ideas…..)!

We are going to start a chain like this come Monday.

Gallamore West: Countdown to Summer

Definitely dressing up their last bagged lunch!

How fun would this be to run through!

And if they let me, he he, I will surely be making some iron on  images “Look out ___ grade, here I come!” like these!!!!

If I do whip something up, I’ll be sure to share it!

What are some ways you countdown the school year and celebrate the beginning of summer?

Cutest Baseball Rice Krispie Treat!

Another mom on my oldest’s baseball team brought these adorable baseball treats for snack one night and I just thought they were awesome! I know it’s not the  first time it’s been done but honestly, I had never seen them before. And the details-wow! I loved the bags with the coordinating ribbon. Great job Jen!

For the recipe, click here. The only difference from what I can tell is that Jen used melted white candy wafers rather than frosting to decorate the top. And oh boy, was it yummy!


Yup, I prepared some bite size deliciousness that I found off Pinterest for my cooking class last night and they were yummy! Take a gander at these three sites and give them a whirl! Did I mention, they are easy and YUMMY!

Banana Creme Minis

Strawberry Shortcake Minis

Mini Cannolis

What yumminess have you whipped up lately?

The Enchanted Yankees’ St. Patrick’s Day!

The day before and day of St. Patrick’s Day will look a little something like this in our household (hopefully):

The day before the kiddos will have a special chocolate coin and lunch note in their lunch boxes (or they would if they weren’t on school vacation but I will just improvise for all you not on New Mexico’s school schedule 🙂 ). Simply right click and save as if you wish to use these (or the print above) as well!

That afternoon after school, we will be building one of these bad boys!

On St. Patrick’s Day, we will wake up and check our trap first thing! Perhaps we will follow some clues he left behind for our pot o’gold! SO fun!! Usually he leaves some mischief but for the sake of good ol’ mom having to clean it up, I think we’ll stick with the treasure hunt only this year! Lol. (Maybe there will be a few green “footprints” inside the fridge where he would have had to climb up to place the pot o’gold in).

After that, we will enjoy a few (or maybe a LOT) of these yummy treats for breakfast. Along with some green milk of course 🙂

Certainly, there will be some green shirts on all. We will probably be doing some coloring pages and perhaps some rainbow painting or shamrock handprint making!

What fun St. Patrick’s Day awesomeness are you up to this year?