Letters O and U for Understanding Organic!


Around our home we do our best to eat organic, low processed foods but I wasn’t really sure my boys knew what eating organic foods really meant. They understood that it was healthier to eat organic but I don’t know if they knew exactly how non organic food was treated or how eating local, organic food helps with the land and supports farmers. My goal for today was that they learned WHY eating organically grown food was better for them not just that they did it because Mom said so!

We started the with morning circle including shape recognition cards. Non-fiction books about organic farms were surprisingly hard to come by. I found all the books we used on Amazon and had them shipped rather than the city library where I was able to find pretty much all the other school books.  We started with The Organic Adventures of Tucker Tomato (Ortega), a really cute story about the adventures of an organic tomato who falls off a delivery trunk and encounters commercial tomatoes on his quest to find his friends. For our second book, Molly’s Organic Farm (Malnor),  the reader follows a lost kitty who wanders into an organic farm and learns all about what makes such a place so special. For the carpet and early finishers, I also laid out The Organic Farm (Frost) and No Eat Not Food (Sanger).

We headed to the table for workbooks and I found Earthbound Organic and WholeFoodsFoundation.org to have fun and educational work sheets geared towards kids.


OU Workbook Pages

It was time for snack and nothing’s better that a bowl full of fresh, organic berries and homemade organic whipped cream (thanks to my little helpers!).

OU Snack

We hopped over to the couch when we were done with snack and watched a short TEDx Next Generation talk from Birke Baehr “What’s Wrong with Our Food System?” Birke is such an enthusiastic young man who refuses to accept the norm from the food industry. The kids really enjoyed it and I think it was great for them to hear from someone their age who is so passionate about something.

The boys had some time to play outside before lunch as our day’s activities took place during the afternoon. We enjoyed some Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese for lunch accompanied by organic yogurt.

After lunch, we headed to Cedar’s farm to learn all about the chickens we get our eggs from every week, meet her goats, hang out with some horses, and enjoy the great outdoors! The boys LOVED the goats and had a blast catching chickens! They even enjoyed trying out the horses bare back. I don’t think any of them ever stopped smiling this afternoon!

OU Cedar Roosters


OU Cedar Horseback

Last but not least, we stopped by our local farmer’s market on the way home and grabbed some yummy local made bread, kettle-corn popcorn and homemade organic peanut butter ice cream sandwich!

I hope the boys have a better understanding of why eating organic food is not only healthier for them but also important for our agricultural system!



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