Letter L for Lemonade!


“Lemonade, get your Lemonade!”

The boys have wanted to do a lemonade stand for what feels like FOREVER (according to them), and although they had a blast today, I don’t think I’ll be hearing requests for another one anytime soon! They certainly learned that it takes hard work to run a business and that not all parts of it are as fun as others.

We started off our morning with a quick circle time that included shape recognition cards and two stories. Lemonade for Sale (Murphy) tells of a young group of kiddos looking to rebuild their club house and nicely introduces math concepts into the story without it feeling forced. The Red Lemon (Staake) is more of a moral story that encourages every reader to believe that one man’s lemon is another man’s lemonade. Although the red lemon that shows up in the orchard is different, Farmer McPhee would have realized it was sweeter and ultimately more loved by the masses had he made the best of the new situation. Although the lesson may be over some of the little ones’ heads, the colorful illustrations are wonderful. The kids even thought they saw the Donut Chef (D is for Donut story) hanging out on the new island! I also had The Lemonade Stand (Vaughn) and Lemonade in Winter (Jenkins) on the floor for the early finishers to read. 

Next, we headed to the table for workbooks.

L Workbook Work

The older kids used a great set from TPT that helped break down the financial aspect of running a lemonade stand. The younger kiddos also had a bunch of great worksheets from a TPT packet.

L Workbook Pages

After workbooks, the older kids (with the little ones watching) sorted lemon themed synonyms.

original-282123-1Lemonade Sort

When that was finished, we headed down stairs for some frozen lemon shells with raspberry lemonade sorbet in them-YUM!

L Sorbet Snack

After that it was time to make posters for our lemonade stand and free bookmarks for the first 25 customers!

L Lemonade Stand Pics

Homemade lemonade was fun to make and I think their favorite part was using the electric lemon juicer. We boiled some water and sugar on the stove top to make simple syrup and then combined the juice, syrup and water to make a quite tasty lemonade. You can find the recipe here!

Next up were the homemade pink lemonade cupcakes (recipe) and boy were they delicious! The recipe made 88 mini cupcakes so I definitely lost my helpers half way through. If you are not looking to make THAT many, cut the recipe in half-lol!

L Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

We took a break for the day from school right before lunch and just hung out until about 2:30 when we left to the park to set up our lemonade stand. We made a poster online too to share on Facebook and to text to a few friends. There are always great opportunities to teach them positive ways to have the internet help in life and business (also a good time to discuss the permanence of what you put out there and how that could work against you).


We sorted the kiddos into two groups and rotated (every 30 minutes) the “advertisers” who stood at the corner of the park and street and waved down potential customers, with  the other group who worked the table. They let customers know what we had and how much each item was. They also took the money and gave change. Surprisingly, no one wanted to do the advertising. They ALL thought it was much more fun to deal with the people and the money. They did see firsthand, though, just how effective adverting loudly and with a giant smile can be! It was great for them to see how many teenagers pulled over and came in to support them. The teenagers told them how excited they were when perfect strangers patronized their lemonade stands when they were young and how they wanted to do the same for them. How cool is that! One man even gave the kids a $20 bill for a two cups of lemonade totaling $1!!! He knew that the proceeds were going to an animal shelter so I bet he wanted to help those little guys too. They were exhausted after two hours of straight working. They realized they couldn’t eat all their profits and that there was no time to play when friends came to support them. BUT, they had SO much fun!


All in all, it was a fun day and the $50 net profit will go straight to our local animal shelter. The kids learned valuable lessons about how much work it took to get ready for the lemonade stand and to work it-a success!

Have any of your kiddos run their own lemonade stands?



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