Y for YES Day!

Y is for Yes Day

Well, the title of this post pretty much speaks for itself! An old friend of mine had a YES Day! with her crew and I thought, what a wonderful idea. I feel like all I do is say No, so this seemed like such a fun idea. There were some ground rules, of course. 🙂 The 10 items were agreed upon before the actual day. Only one item cold require money. For example, they couldn’t put “go to a movie” and “get a new toy.” Most of the items needed to be FREE. I wanted them to get creative-not just pick the obvious things!

We read YES Day! to the boys previous to the creation of their individual lists! The book showcases some simple but great ideas to make the day fun.


Then, it was time for list making! If you would like to print out your own list, check this one out!


I find some of these so amusing.

Y for Yes Day Lists

This picture pretty much sums up the day. FUN!!

Y for YES Day Breakfast

I highly recommend everyone indulges in one of these days every year. I know we will.



L is for Letterboxing!

L is for Letterboxing

This had to be by far, the most fun we’ve had yet. We had never ventured into the world of letterboxing or geo-caching as it was simply unfamiliar. Now, we, yes myself included, are obsessed! It’s pretty much a giant, global scavenger hunt – seriously, so fun!

We started off our day with the pledge of allegiance, circle time, and a brief explanation of what Letterboxing entails. I really felt like it would make even more sense when we got out and participated in a search so I kept it brief.

We then worked on Letter L worksheets and themed worksheets. While there were not Letterboxing worksheets, I thought bringing in directional work and map reading would help us on our adventures!

Letter L Workbook 1

Letter L Workbook 3

Letter L Workbook 2

Letter L Workbook Work

Next up was our craft time-SO fun! I purchased rubber stamp material and a Speedball carving set ((http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BYXF4S/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i03?ie=UTF8&psc=1)). We sat down and figured out what each boy wanted their signature stamp to be. I helped them trace it out in pencil and then they were off! I did have to help them with corners and small or detailed spots but they each gave it some real effort.

Letter L Making Stamp Collage

I surprised the boys with their very own Letterboxing journals to record today’s and all our future finds. They grabbed an ink pad and straight away added their own signature stamp to page 1.

Letter L Stamp Pages

Snack was a grab and go of their own choosing today-simply so we could get out and about right away. I also wanted to end as a surprise at a special letterbox I had found at one of our favorite spots to eat, so off we went!

I have to admit that the adventures didn’t start off well. While the boys were really patient and diligent, we just could not find the first box at the Sandia Casino and Resort. My guess is that it just isn’t there anymore. When checking atlas quest later, it seems from comments and check ins that this particular box hadn’t been visited in over a year so perhaps it truly was gone (although it wasn’t marked as inactive). We also quickly learned that following other people’s directions and estimations can sometimes be difficult. But we were not discouraged. We were determined to find one and knew there was another of easy difficulty also at the Casino so we went next to that one and SCORE, we found our first pouch/box. The boys were SO excited to see what the stamp was and to record their signature stamps in the log book. They were immediately hooked and running to the car to get to the next one.

L is for Letterboxing Box 1

The next box was at a local dam. It was quite interesting to climb up it and not at all what I expected on the other side-lol! This was also super fun and I quickly learned (especially in the CRAZY heat) that we need to carry more than one ink pad with us. Everyone waiting to ink the found stamp AND log theirs into the book took much too long. Lesson learned. Such a cool spot and a great adventure.

L is for Letterboxing Location 2 pt 1


L is for Letterboxing Location 2 pt 2

Our final destination of the day brought us to Five Guys Burgers and boy were they surprised. The pouch/box was easy to find and we had so much fun being all secretive so no one saw us as it was quite the busy location. Putting it back required serious stealth-lol. Boy was the reward of lunch quite the finish to our awesome day.


Now every time we go somewhere, we will be sure to visit our BoxFinder App on my phone and see if there are any around us. The backpack is staying right in the car so it’s always handy!!

To learn more about Letterboxing, go to http://www.letterboxing.org. Enjoy the adventure! 


J and O for Jobs and Occupations!

J and O for Jobs and Occupations

This lesson could also be categorized as community helpers. Basically, my goal was to expose the boys to various careers while stressing work habits and study habits-work hard and anything can be yours!

We started off the morning with the pledge of allegiance, circle and a fun song to start the day! The tune is called “Helpers In Our Town” and it’s sung to this Old Man ((http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Community-Helpers-Thematic-Unit-Activities-and-Printables-586009). The kiddos caught on really fast and we had fun singing a few rounds and asking them if there were other jobs they could think of that would fit! We read two books but I had selected a few others for downtime post workbook work. We read Let’s Meet a Teacher (Heos) and I Drive an Ambulance (Bridges).

After our books, we jumped right into workbook work for the Letters J and O and some themed worksheets too.

J and O Worksheets 1

J and O Worksheets 2

J and O Boys Doing Work


I decided to do a quick Dentist activity to lead into our themed snack of the day. The boys were given 20 mini marshmallows (I know dentists everywhere are shrieking in horror to be associated with a dentist game that involves sugar-lol), a red ‘tongue’ and a math worksheet. They had to create subtraction equations as the removed “teeth” from the mouth. I insisted on the older boys not using multiple of 5’s to make it a wee bit challenging-a wee bit.

After they inhaled their marshmallows from the first snack, we headed down for a bit more of them-hey why not 🙂 I had the boys construct their own smiles from apple slices, peanut butter and mini marshmallows. They got a real laugh out of this one.

J and O Snack and Tooth Sub

We headed back upstairs to work on our community helper tool belts. They spent a lot of time coloring each tool and LJ had a great idea to create loops on the belt so the tools were removable! Love it!

J and O Craft 1

J and O Craft 2


The boys had a great day and we had hair cuts scheduled for that afternoon so let’s just say that was their “field trip” to a job. Lol. Hey somedays you gotta roll with it.


I and R for Invent a Robot!

I and R for Invent a Robot

We. Are.Rockin.Summer.School. Yup, that was my lame attempt at robot talk. Our day was far from lame though 🙂

After circle time, we read the Robot and the Bluebird. What a sweet story. Such a great lesson in empathy and self sacrifice. A must read for all and great illustrations to boot!


We moved onto letter work and with two letters and plenty of themed worksheets, we kept busy! A bunch of the worksheets for the older kiddos came from Enchantedlearning.com, and the majority of the others, Education.com.

Little Robots Work

Bigs Robot Work

Robot workbook working collage

I built a sample of the snack as a guide for the boys. I love watching the excitement on their faces when they come down from school and check out what themed snack is next! This robot came out so cute. I tried to find healthier options to use for the body parts and boy did they have a great time building them.


Robot Snack Collage

I  purchased these 4M sets off of Amazon having built the doodlebot years ago when the olders were toddlers. I remember it being easy and fun for them to watch. I had hoped my oldest would be able to do the can robot by himself but he too needed help here and there. Having to help all three of them made for a long afternoon. Sigh. However, we finished and they had a blast putting their creations to work…I mean play!

Gabe Robot Craft Collage

Lucas Brush Robot Collage

Ben Robot Craft Collage

It was a long but rewarding day!


E is for Electricity!

E is for Electricity

It’s electric…boogie woogie woogie. He He. Well it’s Friday and we made it through week 1 AND everyone is still LOVING school and totally engaged! Can’t ask for anything more.

Once again, we started our morning off right with our routine of song, pledge of allegiance, and circle time (date, weather, seasons, and shape review, address/phone number review). We followed that with the Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip. Some of it was over most of their heads so I  skimmed a bit. It sparked some great conversation though!

Workbooks went well and the written work was finished more quickly than other days; the last part of the lesson was an Electricity scavenger hunt that I had them all work on together. They had fun walking around the house coming up with the answers.

Electricity Worksheet Collage

The science kit I purchased from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004DLS2UC/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i03?ie=UTF8&psc=1) was just perfect. It was easy to read and follow along with. The instructions were very clear and the illustrations colorful. Each kiddo was able to play a part in each experiment. They couldn’t wait for their turns and were so eager to participate.

Electricity Kit Collage

I was super excited to create this snack but it proved more challenging than I had hoped. The chocolate was difficult to work with-too thick to dip the strawberries in but dried too fast to paint on well-lol. Well, I did the best I could. Regardless, they tasted heavenly!


The craft was a simple lightbulb template (http://www.daniellesplace.com/html/earthday.html) that they colored, cut out, and laminated themselves. A great reminder not to abuse electricity!

Electricity Craft Collage

For lunch, we cooked grilled cheese sandwiches on an electric stovetop! Simple but drove home the lesson.



2012 Year In Review-Top 3 Posts Revealed!

It’s hard to believe but it’s almost 2013 and in March, this little ol’ blog of mine will be 1!! I want to thank every person who takes the time to read each post that I publish and I sincerely LOVE every comment and pin that I find of mine out there! I truly hope that everyone who reads the Enchanted Yankee is inspired! I am inspired daily by blogs that I read out on this giant web and hope that I too inspire a few.

Here are the Top 3 viewed posts of 2012! Enjoy if you haven’t seen one of these and SHARE! I also love comments 🙂

EY 2012 Top 3

Follow these links to check out these gems!

Manner Match Up Worksheet FREE


DIY Art Clothesline Display 


Chess Rules Printable FREE


Happy New Year! I look forward to sharing so much more in 2013!


FREE Halloween Lunch Notes!

Whipped these Halloween lunch notes up for the kiddos and thought I would share them! If you like what you see, please leave a comment with your email and I will send you the excel file with all six of the notes sized for you! Please use for personal reasons only. Have a spook-tacular season!


Let me know if you like them or want them! Enjoy!

FREE End of School Year Cupcake Toppers!

Super busy celebrating the end of the school year with the kiddos but wanted to share these cute cupcake toppers I made for them for their last day! Please share but use them for personal use only.

Thanks and Happy Summer!

Click below for download:

End of School Toppers

Linking up to

Tip Junkie handmade projects

“STAY COOL THIS SUMMER” Easy Teacher Gift!

This was the teacher gift I did last year; they all seemed to really like it! The iced drink beverage cuff was a BIG hit (as it should be-nothing more annoying than a sweating drink)!

The gift is pretty self explanatory but here are some helpful links to get it done!

  • Colored bags from Target
  • Insulated iced drink tumblers-EVERYWHERE you shop pretty much these days!
  • STAY COOL printable tag (from here) but they were quite large (for freeze pop bags) so I adjusted it down when I inserted the file into excel.
  • Beverage cuff from Bouche Design. Michelle is awesome and there are so many fabrics to choose from! I LOVE mine 🙂

There you go! You could even attach a gift card to Starbucks or DD to the tag or drop it in in the cup!

 Have an excellent Wednesday!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Thank You Coach-We Had A “Ball”!

Our boys started their first seasons of baseball this year and are lovin’ it! We are having a blast watching them come into their own. I love the fun they are having and the confidence they are gaining.

As a thank you to their wonderful coaches, the boys and I wanted to give them a small token of our appreciation!

I saw this inspiration from Simply This and That and loved it!

We needed to adjust it for our baseball coaches and we know they like chocolate! So here is our version!

Drumroll please……

I picked up the clear paint cans at Michael’s and the Batter Up ribbon there as well. The baseball ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. I had to order the candies online because they were surprisingly hard to find around here! They are just too cute and so simple!

The boys can’t wait to thank their coaches for all the fun they have had this season!!

What are some gifts you have given coaches?

Tip Junkie handmade projects