Letters R and T for Rainbows and Tie Dye!


I loved today! It was simple but colorful and fun.

We started the morning off with circle time and shape recognition cards – which I have to say, they know SO well at this point it’s great! We read The Rainbow Goblins (Ul de Rico) first and the amazing illustrations and cute story were a hit. Elmer and the Rainbow (McKee) was a simple story and it told a sweet tale about selflessness. For the early finishers, I also placed Planting a Rainbow (Ehlert) and A Bad Case of the Stripes (Shannon) out on the carpet.

We headed up to the table to work on work books.

RT Workbook Work

RT Workbook Pages

We took a quick break for a colorful and nutritious snack before we started our craft as we knew it may take a while for them to do.

RT Fruit Snack

 I thought I had assembled all of the necessary items to have the kiddos make “tie dye” pillow case covers but it turned out I was missing a key ingredient from the start-lol. I hadn’t read the directions carefully and I just thought once you drew the pictures on the fabric with sharpies, that you sprayed water on the design to make it bleed. Nope. Turns out you spray rubbing alcohol on the sharpie drawings. Doh. SO we all jumped in the car and went to the Walgreens right around the corner. We even found rubbing alcohol that was already in stray bottles-score! We got back home and got started right away. The rubbing alcohol worked really well and I just love how the pillow cases came out! Well done boys.

RT Pillowcase Tie Dye

We stopped in the kitchen before a pre-lunch recess to engage in a short science experiment. We cut the bottoms of white roses and placed them in five color-dyed vases of water. Our hope will be that the dye in the water tints the roses. We shall see!  Note: after 24 hours the edges of the roses became colored. The blue worked best!

RT Dye Roses

For lunch, the kiddos chowed down on some cloud quesadillas and pepper rainbows. Yum!

RT Lunch

Have you tried dying roses or carnations before? Did it work for you?



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