The Enchanted Yankees’ St. Patrick’s Day!

The day before and day of St. Patrick’s Day will look a little something like this in our household (hopefully):

The day before the kiddos will have a special chocolate coin and lunch note in their lunch boxes (or they would if they weren’t on school vacation but I will just improvise for all you not on New Mexico’s school schedule 🙂 ). Simply right click and save as if you wish to use these (or the print above) as well!

That afternoon after school, we will be building one of these bad boys!

On St. Patrick’s Day, we will wake up and check our trap first thing! Perhaps we will follow some clues he left behind for our pot o’gold! SO fun!! Usually he leaves some mischief but for the sake of good ol’ mom having to clean it up, I think we’ll stick with the treasure hunt only this year! Lol. (Maybe there will be a few green “footprints” inside the fridge where he would have had to climb up to place the pot o’gold in).

After that, we will enjoy a few (or maybe a LOT) of these yummy treats for breakfast. Along with some green milk of course 🙂

Certainly, there will be some green shirts on all. We will probably be doing some coloring pages and perhaps some rainbow painting or shamrock handprint making!

What fun St. Patrick’s Day awesomeness are you up to this year?