Baseball Game Snack!

I love to make things extra special so when it was my turn for snack duty at my son’s T ball game, I got all into it (I know, no one is surprised!). He plays for the Texas Rangers so I googled their logo and whipped up a label for the bag and water bottles (in pic monkey). I also googled the Cracker Jack logo and added a quick label for that bag too!

I thought what better than Cracker Jack for baseball! I also added an organic fruit leather and mini water bottle! I thought my son would be bummed I didn’t add some overly sugary drink but he was so excited about the label-win win!

With all the allergies nowadays, I made up some bags of caramel popcorn for those with peanut allergies. Easy and thoughtful.

There was a lot of excitement over the bags and I know my son was thrilled!