Letters I and N for Instruments and Notes!

2014 I and N for Instruments and Notes

This was one of those lessons I was intimidated to create due to my lack of music theory knowledge. My main goal was to introduce the kids to a few notes and try a few instruments. I struggled, however, to teach even myself any notes well enough to teach them. I reached out to anyone who may know of a teacher I could bring in. Fortunately for us,  a dear neighbor invited us into her home for some afternoon music fun! Woo-hoo! Three cheers for awesome friends!

We started our morning with circle, shape cards, and two books. Zin, Zin, Zin A Violin (Moss) is a beautiful Caldecott winner that is the perfect introduction to musical instruments and musical groups. M is for Music (Krull) is a funky fusion of Anthems to Zydeco for songsters of all ages!

We headed to the table for workbooks.

I and N workbook work

I and N workbook pages

We headed down stairs and enjoyed some music sheet snacks! All you need for this fun and easy snack is graham crackers, peanut butter, pretzel sticks, dried blueberries, and a white chocolate cleft. To make the cleft, I simply melted white chocolate chips and placed them in a ziploc bag. I clipped the corner of the bag and hand piped the cleft. I let them cool in the refrigerator for the night. These snacks were yummy and fun for the kids to put together!

I and N Snack Collage

We packed up the car and headed to our friend’s home to see what they had in store for us for the afternoon! I was so thrilled and impressed with all the activities they had lined up for us. They started us off with a musical performance: a medley of songs for us to guess including the interlude to Star Wars and Indiana Jones! Next they performed a sing along to a Green Day song, I Walk Alone.  Next up was what the boys were waiting all along for- instrument try out time. The boys ALL wanted to try the drums first but everyone had a chance to try all the instruments. G and L are determined to save up enough by Christmas to buy their own electronic drum set! At the end of the lesson, they taught the boys the basic notes. They even had a fun treat for them at the end of the EGBDF lesson-real homemade FUDGE. How cute! I only hope my boys will be as kind, patient, and excited about music and helping younger children when they grow up too. What a wonderful and fun afternoon we had today.


I and N instrument lessons

We even got a bit of swimming in after their lesson! Then we headed back to the house for a special lunch and craft.

First up was tambourine making! The bells were a bit hard to tie on but other than that, they kiddos had fun customizing their own tambourines!

I and N tambourine craft

Lunch was SUPER simple but they were thrilled about it nonetheless.

I and N lunch Note

We are far from being able to play an instrument or read music after only one day of school but the boys are excited about music and learning an instrument so I consider today a win!



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