Letters H, P, S and W for Puzz Story: World History

2014 HPSW Puzz Story

I was unsure of how well this lesson would go as I had never used a Puzz Story product before. The book that came along with this series, World History in Twelve Hops: Tim’s Journey Through Time (Puzz Story) was HUGE and would have been unreasonable to get through in one day. With some tweaking and fine tuning, we made it work and the boys had a great time with it!

We started off the morning with our usual circle time and shape recognition cards. There was no story to read as the main part of today’s lesson revolved around a book!

We began with workbooks with worksheets for Letters H, P, S and W as well as themed worksheets that tied in with eras that we would discuss, i.e Dinosaurs, Egypt, etc.


PSHW Workbook Pages

We grabbed cushions, blankets and settled down to begin our journey through time! We met Tim, the main character, and followed along with him while he discovered the Dinosaurs, Homo-Sapiens, and Egypt. Each child took a turn finding and placing a piece on the magnetic poster map; this was most definitely their favorite part.

PSHW Story Collage

We took a break after we finished Egypt and headed to the kitchen so the kids could make their own edible pyramids. With cut up pineapple, they went to work. After they had some fun with it, they enjoyed every last piece!

HPSW Pineapple Pyramids

We headed back upstairs to continue our journey and enjoyed hearing all about the first Greek Olympics, the Roman Legions, the Middle Ages, and ended our day with the Silk Road. Hopefully, one day we will get back to the final 5 visits and finish up the book! For today, we enjoyed the places we were able to visit!

We ended the day with a lunch of dumplings and edamame-YUM!

What a fun day it was and I don’t think too long for them. There was enough interaction with the puzzle that it made it interesting for all!

Has anyone out there used a Puzz Story before? How did it work of you?



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