Letters F and M for Force and Motion!

2014 F and M for Force and Motion

We went from one day of science and experiments last week (E for Eggs) to another today to start week two off right! The kids got wind of today’s craft/activity this weekend and were SO excited to work on it-gotta love their enthusiasm for learning!

We started off the day with the morning board, our shapes, and today’s weather word: Drought. We then read Motion:Push, Pull, Fast, and Slow (Stille) and Forces Make Things Move (Bradley). I also picked up Slow Down Sara (Driscoll) which I left out for those who finished workbooks early.

We headed over to the table to work on Letters F and M and force and motion related worksheets in their workbooks.

FM Workbook Working

FM Workbook Pages

I wasn’t sure how long the catapult building would take so I decided to have them work on their snack first so no one would become grumpy :). The kiddos were given apples, grapes, fruit leather flags, and toothpicks to use to build race cars! They came out really cute.

FM Snack Collage

After they raced the cars right into their stomachs, lol, they were given four stale marshmallows (important to leave them out overnight or longer so they are not super squishy), seven bbq skewers, an elastic band, a plastic spoon, and some tape (we used thin duct tape) to create their very own catapults!  We followed the instructions laid out by Autumn on her blog It’s Always Autumn.  Although B needed a bit of help, all ages were able to do this pretty much by themselves. The only frustration came when the skewers started slipping out of the marshmallows within a few hours. We added hot glue to the holes where the skewers went through the marshmallows and they were totally secure as soon as that dried (which is fairly quickly). Because we played with these in the backyard and didn’t want to attract any unwanted creatures or bugs later that day with leftovers, we used small pebbles rather than food in the catapults. The boys faced our brick wall (placing themselves a solid 5ft away), drew a chalk target, and took aim!  The had SO much fun!

FM Catapult Collage

The only thing left to work on were the Motion Mania Missions! I purchased these off of TPT and they were very well organized and easy to use. I would say, however, that it was a bit young for the 3rd and 4th graders. Not surprisingly, the kiddos loved the pinwheel mission best (probably because we incorporated a fan too)! The six stations were a great way to reiterate some of the vocabulary we had learned that day.

FM Motion Mission

For lunch, we enjoyed ham and cheese sandwiches, cucumbers and a yogurt. We had a brief discussion about protein and carbohydrates and how WE need those for us to have energy!

We had a lot of fun with this lessons and it was a great way to kick off week 2!

Have you built a marshmallow catapult before?!?



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