Letter E for Eggs !

2014 E for Eggs

I was really excited to work on this lesson with the kids but also nervous that the experiment would be a total flop-lol! The day was, however, a success much to my delight.

We began with morning circle and two books. We read two versions of Humpty Dumpty and discussed the similarities and differences between them. We read Humpty Dumpty (Kirk) and compared it to Humpty Dumpty Egg-Splodes (O’Malley). Although he is a fairly tale character in both, the tone was quite different from another. The first was full of curiosity and adventure whereas the second book was strife with a very revengeful and agitated Humpty. Friendship is a trait however that resonates throughout both and “saves the day!”

We didn’t get to the weather word Climate yesterday because we raced off to Krispy Kreme so we reviewed it today. We all agreed that we most definitely live in a hot and dry climate 🙂

We jumped up and stretched before we headed over to the workbooks.

Egg Workbook Pages

Once workbooks were done, we began our Oviparous unit. We read Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones (Heller) and Guess What’s Growing Inside this Egg (Posada). We headed down stairs to crack open a double yolk egg (how cool!) and a hard boiled egg. We discussed the parts of the egg and then headed back upstairs to complete an egg investigation packet.



We took a break for some marshmallow and crispy noodle nests with candy eggs…YUM!

Egg Nest snack

It was now time for the egg drop experiment! We split up the siblings into two different teams. L and K were on one team and G and C on another (with B helping them out ;)). With a guide in hand they set to work designing the perfect casing. Once each team’s design was finalized, they picked out their supplies while making sure to keep to their $20 budget. Once their design was created and final items purchased (again within their budget), it was go time!

Egg Drop Team G and C

Egg Drop Team K and L

We headed to the back balcony and began.

Egg Drop Before Collage

The first throw was to the grass. Amazingly, both eggs were still intact. We then had them toss the eggs onto the concrete below. Well that did it-we had a winner!


After all that hard work, it was time for lunch. We set up an omelet bar and the kiddos picked out their items to add. Bacon was certainly the favorite!

Omelet Lunch Collage
All in all, it was another successful and full day of fun!




  1. Shelley Pike says:

    I just came across your blog and I LOVE the summer school idea!! My twins will be finishing the second grade and I always like to continue their learning on our time off! Can you tell me where you found the lessons and workbooks? Thanks, Shelley Pike, from TN

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