Letter G for Geocaching!

2014 G for Geocaching

We had such a great time Letterboxing last year for Letter L that it was a no brainer Letter G should be Geocaching this year! The boys were super excited to try another kind of treasure hunt!

We began the day with morning circle, shape cards, and our weather word: Cloud Types. We read the Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat: There’s a Map on My Lap which exposes readers to a bunch of map vocabulary in a fun and silly way!

We reviewed Geocaching basics and best practices as shared by Geocaching.com. We reviewed what a cache is, variations of the game, do’s and dont’s, and what CITO (cache in, cache out) is too!

We raced to the table to get our workbooks done so we could grab a snack, play a latitude-longitude game, and get out there and explore!We even found a great geocaching word search and maze!


G Workbook pages

Our snack was fun, yummy and best of all, quite inexpensive-two boxes of jello and one granny smith apple! The kids tried to point out the continents but let’s be real here, I wasn’t even close on most of them-lol!

G for Jello Globe

We ran back upstairs to play a quick (well what we thought would be quick) game of Message in a Bottle from Scholastic. I have to say that although it’s a cute game in theory, it wasn’t made quite right. There just weren’t enough cards to make correct matches with. It seemed as though the kids were taking turn after turn and hit only one marker every 20 or 30 turns?!?!? It took toooooo long to play with no results to keep them interested.

G Message Game

It was finally time to get out there and geocache! It was a similar experience to letterboxing however instead of following clues, we followed a dot on a map on an app! The boys had a blast searching high and low around bushes and trees near said dot. Little B found two of the four we did today; it was awesome! It was tricky finding specifically where the cache was. The coordinates get you to the spot but searching out the container is where the fun really begins. This was the boys favorite part of letterboxing too. There appears to be, however, a bigger trend towards geocaching than letterboxing so it seems only savvy to move in this direction! We can’t wait to geocache again soon!

G Geocaching!

G Geocaching Group

We headed back home to escape the heat and grab some quesadillas that were out of this world ;).

G for Earth Quesadilla

We had such a great day and getting out and exploring our city is one of our most favorite things to do!



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