Letter D for Donuts!

2014 D for donut

Let’s just say this was one exceptionally yummy day! I think we all had a bit of a stomach ache by the end of the day though;)

We started off our day with morning circle and a story. The Donut Chef’s (Staake) tasty tale has happy and colorful illustrations and shares an important message: keep it simple!

We didn’t get to  our weather word of the day, climate, today so we will fit that in tomorrow. It was then time for workbooks!

Donut Workbooks

D for Donuts Workbooks Sheets

After they were finished, we separated into two groups and jumped right into our math games. The older kiddos played a multiplication and division board game. They were given four questions per game card and moved as many spaces as correct answers they made (min of 0 and max of 4). Fun! The littles also participated in their own roll, add and cover game!

Donut Math Games

We re-grouped on the carpet for a quick read and answer activity. We read If You Give a Dog a Donut (Numeroff) and filled out comprehension questions and created their own If You Give a Dog.. scenarios! Super cute!

Dog a Donut Collage

We then packed up and headed to the west side to Krispy Kreme! Get this, for $1 per kid, yup that’s right, per kid (DEAL!!!) you are able to arrange a private tour of the back bakery, play with some dough, and even decorate your own glazed donut! The kids (and let’s face it, adults too) had a blast.


KK Tour 1 KK Frosting Donut


We made it back to the house right before lunch and with enough time to bust out our craft. We grabbed five pairs of men’s socks (neutrals) and some colored felt. You simply snip the toe, roll the sock down and hot glue it. The kiddos then measured the felt around the donut and cut away. After the frosting was hot glued on, they were ready for play!

Donut Craft Collage

Lunch was extreme but fun 🙂 I mean c’mon-peanut butter and jelly on a glazed shell. Mmmmmm. Of course we added some yogurt and fruit too.

Donut Lunch

What an awesome day!



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