Letters A and Y for Young Authors!

2014 A,Y for Young Authors

Today, June 2, 2014, marked the beginning of Tracy Summer School and boy, were they so excited to begin!  The boys grabbed a cushion and settled in for our first morning circle. Today’s weather word was Tornado which made for some fun conversation regarding science and safety. It was a shorter circle than normal as our story was being saved for a later activity.

We worked on our work books with Letter A and writing themed worksheets.


AY Collage 1

AY Workbook

We took a short break for some super cute ‘book worms.” You really can’t go wrong with green grapes and blackberry part eyes.

AY Bookworm Collage

To help the kiddos better understand characters and how their voices affect the tone of a story, we read Voices in the Park (Browne) and used the following worksheet from teachers pay teachers to breakdown each narrative.


It was a great book and so cool how the same story was told through four different people’s eyes.

After some discussion about what a story map was the boys laid out what each of their books will be about.


I have to say, although we won’t finish writing and illustrating the stores today, they worked really hard on them and I can’t wait to see where they go! Receiving a hard bound book is such a cool experience for kids. It makes them REALLY feel like they are an author/illustrator. I suggest everyone take a look at Illu-story!

AY Illu-story

We worked till lunch and then shared some open-book-face shaped sandwiches. The kiddos found them very entertaining!

AY Book Sandwich Collage

It was a great start to our first week and I am so grateful for this quality time with them!



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