Letter C for Camping!

2014 C for camping

The boys were SO excited for this day to finally arrive! We’ve never been camping so even though we were only in our backyard, they were thrilled to spend time in the wilderness-lol!

We started off the school day with circle and stories. Stella and Roy Go Camping (Wolff) was really cute and When We Go Camping (Ruurs) has some really nice illustrations with lovely light and shadow.

After discussing our weather word of the day, Precipitation, workbooks were up next!

Ben Camping Workbook

Camping Workbooks 2

Camping Workbooks 1

We took a break to build our own yummy camp fires. The kiddos unwrapped orange, red and white life savers and we baked them at 350 degrees for 6 minutes. After they cooled and hardened, we had fun smashing the sheet of candy and picking out our fire shards.

Campfire Snack Fire Collage

We added a touch of chocolate frosting to the tops of the ding dongs and arranged pretzel stick “logs” to the top along with our “fire!”

Campfire Snack Collage EY

Campfire Snack Collage Kids

Not only were they cute BUT they were super yummy too!

After we finished snacking, we headed out for some archery fun. The Archery Shoppe offers lane rentals at $10 an hour-what a deal!  The kiddos thought it would be SO easy, like a toy wooden bow but alas, they learned it was hard work pulling back these real bows. Although Lucas was the most consistent at hitting the pads, Gabriel was the only one to get a bullseye!

IMG_3234 Boys Archery Collage

Archery Collage

We headed back to the house for lunch  and the camp fire plate was a hit! The cheese, grape and pretzel fires were the favorite. Although c’mon, who doesn’t like hot dogs on a stick and chips too!

Campfire Lunch EY

Next up, we headed to the “lake” aka pool for some afternoon swimming. We came back home to set up our camp site and fire bowl. The boys helped with the tent set up and laid out all the chairs. They were racing around and hiding in and out of the tent-sheer joy!

Campsite Collage

Once the sun began to set, we created  DIY Glow-in-the-dark Mason Jars! I had saved peach and pear jars from Trader Joes’ and picked up a 15 pack of Glow bracelets from the $1 store. We separated the colors and cut the tops off of each glow stick. I learned real fast to put on an apron as the colors squirt out and stain! We also cracked them before cutting but the gel still didn’t just pour out. We left them standing in the jars for a bit and then came back to seal the jars up. They were kind of a pain in the butt to make but the boys really enjoyed them as night lights while they fell asleep.

DIY Glow Mason Jars EY

After some smore’s and laughter, the boys headed to bed in the tent.

We were unsure as to wether or not they would stay the night in the tent but alas, they did! We were very proud of them for sticking it out. Let’s just say, requests for the next camp out have already been made!

Who enjoys backyard camping?!?



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