Z for Zookeeper!

z is for zookeepersWell folks, this is it-the final lesson of Summer School 2013!  Last year we did Z for Zoo so this year I wanted to concentrate a bit more on a Zookeeper’s role.

After morning circle, we read Z is for Zookeeper (Smith), a similar book to A is for Art History. Can be a quick read or you can read the side passages on each page if time allows. As always, beautiful pictures!

Z for Zookeeper Book

Then it was time for worksheets so we could head out to the zoo!

Z for Zoo Worksheets 1


I was able to find a great Zookeeper packet on TPT and as it serviced two age groups, it was well worth the $5 download price (http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Zoo-Animal-Inquiry-Pack-246999).

Z for Zookeeper Worksheets 2


Z for Zookeeper Lucas Worksheets

We rushed in a quick snack of animal crackers (Barbara’s bakery makes YUMMY organic animal crackers in assorted flavors).

If we had allocated more time for snack-here is a photo roundup of some amazing ZOO snack ideas I would have loved to create.

Z for Zookeeper Snack CollageAnd if we had time for some crafts, these would have been some simple but colorful ideas!

Z for Zookeeper Art Ideas Collage

We headed off to the zoo after snack with a packed lunch, tons of energy and a desire to see every animal possible! 🙂







The Zoo never ceases to amaze me!



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