End of Summer School Celebration Day!

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So we got here; we are all still happy, alive and I truly think better off for having embarked on yet another year of summer school. I think the majority of folks are floored when I go through my curriculum with them and lay out what Tracy Summer School looks like. However, for us, it works. In fact, it works really well. I find, for me personally, that it’s too easy to get distracted when at home with all three of them-there’s always bills to pay, errands to run, calls to make. And they are SO good at keeping each other busy and playing that I often don’t even hear from that. Yes, you heard me right. So then WHY people ask, would you not just let them do their own thing all summer long? Honestly, I miss them. They are at school during the year, in sports now and have super awesome social lives.  On the weekends, we are one busy family. If summer escaped me and I hadn’t spent any really quality time with them, it would make me sad. I know, I know. Sap. But it’s true, in no time, they will be off on their own life journeys and the last thing they are going to want to do is summer school with mom 😛 AAANND, right now, they LOVE school. They LOVE to learn. So why not capitalize on that feeling RIGHT NOW! So that’s it in a nutshell. Yes, it is a ton of work to prepare. Yes, there are moments when I’m not at my best during the month of school. But no, I wouldn’t change the time we have together during school for anything.

And what does every end of school moment deserve? A celebration! So off we went to our local amusement park, Cliffs for the day! And we had some serious fun. My oldest even rode (twice!) the fastest, largest roller coaster in New Mexico (not that that’s saying a whole lot but I do think it’s one of the top 10 fastest in the world). And boy was he proud of himself!



photo-125But of course, it’s the beginning of monsoon season here in NM so we ended out day like this. Good thing we were done anyway-lol! The boys did have a BLAST running through this to the car.


I’m already excited for next year’s Summer School!! Woo-hoo!



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