W and X are for World Geography and eXplorers!

W and X Page

My goal for this lesson was to expose them a bit more to the continents, some major countries and a couple famous world explorers. Similar to art history, I really feel like with the exception of Christopher Columbus, they are not too familiar with any famous explorers. We also wanted to fit in the Titanic exhibit and thought what a great tie in that would be!

We started the day with circle and a few books. Today we read “So You Want to be an Explorer” (St. George) and although it was a bit lengthy, it was interesting and chock full!


Time for worksheets!

WX Worksheet Collage

WX Worksheet Collage 2

There were plenty of extra books for the carpet once workbooks were done.

WX Book Collage

I also printed a roll-an-explorer die game. There was really no winner as a group but individually, they rolled to see which explorer they rolled the most of. It was a fun and sneaky way to expose them to a few more explorers. šŸ™‚

WX Dice Game

The kiddos did a quick place-the-sticker-animal-on-the-continent activity and that was pretty much our craft for the day as we had plans to head to the museum right after snack. There are tons of Earth and explorers projects that are so fun out there! Just search it on pinterest and BOOM!


Speaking of snack, I love these cupcakes! I had made them for Earth Day the year before and they were a huge hit.

WX Earth Cupcakes

We munched on these and then headed out to the Natural History Museum where the Titanic exhibit was being featured.


They kiddos were each given a ticket that was a reproduction of an actual passenger ticket: first class, third class, etc. with a past history included. At the end of the exhibit, the kiddos were able to go to a passenger board that showed who survived and who died..and find if they in fact were one of the lucky or not. They found this aspect so cool! The exhibit was chock full of artifacts, stories, and a real iceberg to touch and experience (obviously in a small form). I will have to say that it was worth the $6 membership price but I don’t think I would have felt the same at the regular $18 adult and $11 child admission prices. Just sayin’.

We also jumped in on a DynaMax movie: Flying Monsters 3D. We love the 3D movies and catch one whenever we get a chance. They are so well done and give a great, no amazing, historical timeline.


WX Field Trip


For dinner, we purchased an array of international food! What fun but let’s just say many “no thank you bites” were taken. We experienced some chicken curry, tabouli, edamame, chicken fried rice, spring rolls, chicken parm pops, and the boys really wanted Corn Dogs from Trader Joe’s so we labeled it “American.” Lol. It was a yummy, friend-filled night!


All in all, another excellent day! Can’t believe there are only 2 days. I have to admit that makes me a bit sad-I always enjoy, really enjoy, summer school.



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