T is for Tools!

T is for Tools

T for Tools was another category that came to mind right away when brainstorming Letters and matching themes. Again, I wanted the boys to have a bit of exposure to utilizing various tools and building something all by themselves. It had been a bit of time since we had gone to a wood shop or built any kits at home so it felt great to have them working on a project like this again!

I had a variety of books to read after morning circle and pledge. The Workshop by Clements is so sweet and it’s cute to watch as they use various tools to create something magical at the end. We also read I Love Tools (Sturges), which is a preschool book, but it has a quick and simple review of commonly used tools. I also had Hands (Ehlert) available on the carpet for down time.


After we jumped up and did some jacks, it was time to park their little behinds at the table for craft. We decided with our plans to head to Santa Fe for lunch and to check out a Toy Exhibit at the International Folk Museum, that busting out the Bird Houses first would work better. If we ran out of time, the workbooks could always be done in the car. The bird house kits were reasonable at $10 for all things included (even paint). The holes were pre drilled and directions very easy to follow. I did come to realize, however, that my boy’s skills were almost shameful. Their knowledge of how to even hold a hammer was really lacking. Parent fail. BUT, a little better were those skills when we were finished! My only compaint with the kit was that because the holes were pre drilled (which again was helpful), the nails did come a bit loose after just a day or so of building them. Perhaps they needed a smaller pre drilled hole? That aspect was kind of a bummer; teeny nails falling out around the house was not a desired outcome.

T for Tools Building Birdhouse 1

T for Tools Ben Building

T for Tools K and C

When the houses were built (not painted-that’s an at home, at another time part), the kiddos hopped downstairs to check out today’s themed snack which was….actually let’s see if you can figure it out. A few I shared it with had trouble deciphering them, lol. Use your imaginations!


Well, what did you guess? If you guessed hammers (pretzel sticks and cheese) and measuring tapes (all natural fruit roll ups), you are correct! If not, well I guess I can’t blame you-lol!

We raced back upstairs to get our workbook work in.

T for Tools Worksheets 2

T for Tools Worksheets 1

We had enough time to get through them and then pack up the car!

Off to Santa Fe we went! We headed to Tomasita’s (of course for T) and munched on some yummy New Mexican cuisine. Eating their seemed only appropriate on a T day 🙂


After our bellies were full, we headed up to Museum Hill to check out the International Toy Museum. How I have never been to these museums before escapes me! They are simply amazing: beautiful, clean, and so well organized and laid out.

T is for Tools Museum Collage 1

The exhibit we came to see was the life collection of one Alexander Girard. It is an amazing collection of toys, miniatures, and pop-folk art from the US and all over the world. The displays are stunning and numbered so well so that children are able to follow along with an iTouch and learn all about such beautiful finds.

T is for Tools Inside Museum Collage

We also visited the Tako Kichi: Kite Crazy in Japan exhibit which was again-vibrant, attention grabbing, and fun for the kiddos. At one point, they were glued to a small TV screen that showed the 4 day battles that are held in Japan with enormous kites. The kiddos were even able to build their own miniature kites!

T is for Tools Kite Collage

They ran outside after, and even though the wind was minimal, they all got a little air!

T is for Tools Flying Kites

Such a fun and memorable day we had!



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