Q is for AlbuQuerQue!

Q is for Albuquerque

I’ve been looking forward to this day and the fun we’ll have exploring our city!

We started off with circle and made sure to say the New Mexico pledge nice and loud after the regular pledge of allegiance!

 I salute the flag of the state of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures.

I had a book to read but it went with a snack and math activity so I decided to hold it off till after workbooks.

Workbooks were quite short as there are not a ton of worksheets that involve New Mexico 🙂

Q worksheet Collage

Q Kids Workbook Collage

Now, it was time to read AND sing good ol’ Albuquerque Turkey!


It is sung to the tune of Oh My Darlin’ Clementine. So cute!

Following the book, everyone received a Turkey math worksheet.

Q Turkey Math

We then headed to the kitchen for Apple and Pepper Turkey assembly!


The kiddos thought this snack was awesome and ate it right up! All you need is peppers sliced thin, an apple, a carrot, little part of a blackberry for eyes, and toothpicks!

Q Apple Turkey Snack Collage


After snack, we packed up lunches (cute ol’ State sandwiches with a blueberry capital marker) and headed out to Tiguex Park for a bit of playing and a picnic lunch before we began on our Old Town Scavenger Hunt!


IMG_2756This hunt was a field trip of my second grader earlier this year. It has clues to historic markers and points of interest.


Q Old Town Hunt 1

Q Old Town Hunt 2

Q Old Town Hunt 3

 It was unfortunately a bit hot so we skipped the last two locations but we did make a stop for some ice cream. It is summer school after all 🙂



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