N is for Numbers!

N is for Numbers

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….time for school!

Making this unit a bit challenging for the olders was, well, a challenge-lol! I didn’t want it to be just a basic refresher. I thought we would touch on place values, ordinal vs. cardinal numbers, and even numbers in Spanish!

We started off with circle time and then read Ten in the Bed by Penny Dale. This has always been one of my favorites as well as the boys’. The love the sounds each animal makes as it falls of the bed!


The kiddos busted through some worksheets.

Number Worksheets Collage

Number Ben work collageI love this one-“Numbers are hard!” Lol.


As each kiddo finished their worksheets, I had a downtime activity waiting for them on the carpet. I had seen clothespin wheels all over the blog world and couldn’t wait to use one but wanted it to be applicable to three skill levels. I created a simple number matching wheel for my youngest entering K in the fall although he could have worked on the addition one too, at least wheel 1. For the first and second grade crew, a matching wheel with addition. And for the two entering third, a multiplication wheel. To adjust this wheel for each skill level, simply print the wheel as it is and then adjust the level by changing up the clothespins.


Number Matching Game Collage


After everyone matched up their wheels, they grabbed a cup of Fruit-O’s and sorted out 10 groups of 10 to create a 100 necklace!


I definitely think a couple were snuck along the way!


Number 100 Necklace

Number Necklace After collage

Next up, disaster craft! Lol.

Number Book Collage

Time to create number books! I had everyone except my little do their number books in Spanish! They had to look up the numbers 1-20 in Spanish on the internet, label their pages, and pick the equivalent number of stickers as the number on the page: 1 = one sun sticker, 2 = 2 bird stickers.


Lunchtime! Kiddos had to count and figure what there was 1 of, 2 of, 3 of, etc. Fun!







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