J and O for Jobs and Occupations!

J and O for Jobs and Occupations

This lesson could also be categorized as community helpers. Basically, my goal was to expose the boys to various careers while stressing work habits and study habits-work hard and anything can be yours!

We started off the morning with the pledge of allegiance, circle and a fun song to start the day! The tune is called “Helpers In Our Town” and it’s sung to this Old Man ((http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Community-Helpers-Thematic-Unit-Activities-and-Printables-586009). The kiddos caught on really fast and we had fun singing a few rounds and asking them if there were other jobs they could think of that would fit! We read two books but I had selected a few others for downtime post workbook work. We read Let’s Meet a Teacher (Heos) and I Drive an Ambulance (Bridges).

After our books, we jumped right into workbook work for the Letters J and O and some themed worksheets too.

J and O Worksheets 1

J and O Worksheets 2

J and O Boys Doing Work


I decided to do a quick Dentist activity to lead into our themed snack of the day. The boys were given 20 mini marshmallows (I know dentists everywhere are shrieking in horror to be associated with a dentist game that involves sugar-lol), a red ‘tongue’ and a math worksheet. They had to create subtraction equations as the removed “teeth” from the mouth. I insisted on the older boys not using multiple of 5’s to make it a wee bit challenging-a wee bit.

After they inhaled their marshmallows from the first snack, we headed down for a bit more of them-hey why not 🙂 I had the boys construct their own smiles from apple slices, peanut butter and mini marshmallows. They got a real laugh out of this one.

J and O Snack and Tooth Sub

We headed back upstairs to work on our community helper tool belts. They spent a lot of time coloring each tool and LJ had a great idea to create loops on the belt so the tools were removable! Love it!

J and O Craft 1

J and O Craft 2


The boys had a great day and we had hair cuts scheduled for that afternoon so let’s just say that was their “field trip” to a job. Lol. Hey somedays you gotta roll with it.



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