L is for Letterboxing!

L is for Letterboxing

This had to be by far, the most fun we’ve had yet. We had never ventured into the world of letterboxing or geo-caching as it was simply unfamiliar. Now, we, yes myself included, are obsessed! It’s pretty much a giant, global scavenger hunt – seriously, so fun!

We started off our day with the pledge of allegiance, circle time, and a brief explanation of what Letterboxing entails. I really felt like it would make even more sense when we got out and participated in a search so I kept it brief.

We then worked on Letter L worksheets and themed worksheets. While there were not Letterboxing worksheets, I thought bringing in directional work and map reading would help us on our adventures!

Letter L Workbook 1

Letter L Workbook 3

Letter L Workbook 2

Letter L Workbook Work

Next up was our craft time-SO fun! I purchased rubber stamp material and a Speedball carving set ((http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BYXF4S/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i03?ie=UTF8&psc=1)). We sat down and figured out what each boy wanted their signature stamp to be. I helped them trace it out in pencil and then they were off! I did have to help them with corners and small or detailed spots but they each gave it some real effort.

Letter L Making Stamp Collage

I surprised the boys with their very own Letterboxing journals to record today’s and all our future finds. They grabbed an ink pad and straight away added their own signature stamp to page 1.

Letter L Stamp Pages

Snack was a grab and go of their own choosing today-simply so we could get out and about right away. I also wanted to end as a surprise at a special letterbox I had found at one of our favorite spots to eat, so off we went!

I have to admit that the adventures didn’t start off well. While the boys were really patient and diligent, we just could not find the first box at the Sandia Casino and Resort. My guess is that it just isn’t there anymore. When checking atlas quest later, it seems from comments and check ins that this particular box hadn’t been visited in over a year so perhaps it truly was gone (although it wasn’t marked as inactive). We also quickly learned that following other people’s directions and estimations can sometimes be difficult. But we were not discouraged. We were determined to find one and knew there was another of easy difficulty also at the Casino so we went next to that one and SCORE, we found our first pouch/box. The boys were SO excited to see what the stamp was and to record their signature stamps in the log book. They were immediately hooked and running to the car to get to the next one.

L is for Letterboxing Box 1

The next box was at a local dam. It was quite interesting to climb up it and not at all what I expected on the other side-lol! This was also super fun and I quickly learned (especially in the CRAZY heat) that we need to carry more than one ink pad with us. Everyone waiting to ink the found stamp AND log theirs into the book took much too long. Lesson learned. Such a cool spot and a great adventure.

L is for Letterboxing Location 2 pt 1


L is for Letterboxing Location 2 pt 2

Our final destination of the day brought us to Five Guys Burgers and boy were they surprised. The pouch/box was easy to find and we had so much fun being all secretive so no one saw us as it was quite the busy location. Putting it back required serious stealth-lol. Boy was the reward of lunch quite the finish to our awesome day.


Now every time we go somewhere, we will be sure to visit our BoxFinder App on my phone and see if there are any around us. The backpack is staying right in the car so it’s always handy!!

To learn more about Letterboxing, go to http://www.letterboxing.org. Enjoy the adventure! 




  1. What great fun, I’ve just started myself and struck out on my first two searches. But I continued the next day and found two out of three. Hope y’all find a great spot and hide one of your own for others to find.

  2. I know this is an old post but what workbook is that with all the geography? It looks great! Thanks!

    • I make the workbooks from an assortment of websites. The ones I like the best are Education.com, Enchanted Learning, and Teachers Pay Teachers!

      • Thank you so much for replying, I saw a notice pop up in my email but then couldn’t find it. It went into my promotions mailbox, odd. Anyway, thank you, will take a look at those websites. I love TPT!

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