I and R for Invent a Robot!

I and R for Invent a Robot

We. Are.Rockin.Summer.School. Yup, that was my lame attempt at robot talk. Our day was far from lame though 🙂

After circle time, we read the Robot and the Bluebird. What a sweet story. Such a great lesson in empathy and self sacrifice. A must read for all and great illustrations to boot!


We moved onto letter work and with two letters and plenty of themed worksheets, we kept busy! A bunch of the worksheets for the older kiddos came from Enchantedlearning.com, and the majority of the others, Education.com.

Little Robots Work

Bigs Robot Work

Robot workbook working collage

I built a sample of the snack as a guide for the boys. I love watching the excitement on their faces when they come down from school and check out what themed snack is next! This robot came out so cute. I tried to find healthier options to use for the body parts and boy did they have a great time building them.


Robot Snack Collage

I  purchased these 4M sets off of Amazon having built the doodlebot years ago when the olders were toddlers. I remember it being easy and fun for them to watch. I had hoped my oldest would be able to do the can robot by himself but he too needed help here and there. Having to help all three of them made for a long afternoon. Sigh. However, we finished and they had a blast putting their creations to work…I mean play!

Gabe Robot Craft Collage

Lucas Brush Robot Collage

Ben Robot Craft Collage

It was a long but rewarding day!




  1. These look like fantastic robot resources! Thank you for sharing them. My brothers and I who are homeschooled have put together some videos of our lego mindstorms robot building projects. You can see them here: http://zachswordattacks.wordpress.com/

    Thanks, Zach

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