G and P for Government and Presidents!

G and P are for Governments and Presidents

Hail to the chief! I have to admit, I was a bit nervous running this lesson as I needed a refresher on the branches of government in a big way! Let’s just say I think I re-learned as much as they did during this lesson.

We started off with circle time and read through three great books. If I ran for President and If I were President were great at explaining the political process and the boys loved learning all about the cool aspects of the White House and life as a President. They all wanted to be President once they learned there was a movie theater and bowling alley right in the White House-lol! The first part of the Congress book was the perfect introduction into the three branches of government. It helped lay out for the boys the idea of checks and balances and a need for various branches.


Laying out the Branches of Government on the board was informative and most importantly FUN! I handed the boys four cards each with descriptions of something that falls under one of the branches i.e., I help declare war or I make new laws. This unit was well done and can be found here at TPT(http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Government-Unit-for-Primary-Grades-Study-Guide-Worksheets-and-Tests-548918).

G and P Branches Activity

There were tons of great worksheets I used for this section of the workbook including some from the above TPT unit (well worth the $5 price).

Older Boys G and P Worksheets

Ben G and P Worksheets

With the three books we read and the Branches board, we were running late so I let them nibble on the themed snack while working on worksheets. I happened to find these Patriot pretzels for the 4th and thought they would work perfectly for today (and perhaps a later lesson plan too :).

G and P Pretzel Snack

Following snack, we played a Presidents BINGO with real coins. These boards were all about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln! And to boot, this download is FREE on TPT (http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Presidents-Day-Bingo-24-cards-205565)!

G and P President BINGO

Puppet time! How fun to create paper bag puppets of our First and Current Presidents! The boys had even more fun doing this than I hoped. Here is where I found the Obama template (http://www.kidscreativechaos.com/2013/02/barack-obama-paper-bag-puppet-hey-when.html) and the George Washington template (http://squishideasforpreschool.blogspot.com/2012/01/presidents-washington-lincoln.html).

G and P President Craft



And this just about sums up our wonderfully crazy summer school!



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