F is for Fables!

F is for Fables

Today we started off with our same morning routine. Following the description of what today’s Letter was, F, and what it was for, Fables, I was asked immediately what a fable was. Glad you asked 🙂 I had prepared a board from a Teachers pay Teachers packet (http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Folktales-Fairy-Tales-and-Fables-Elements-234234)) that laid out what a fable was versus a fairy tale (which they were all pretty much familiar with). It was very concise and easy for them to follow. They each took a turn reading four traits and had to figure out which category it fell under. I think this exercise really broke down for them what the definition of a fable is!

Fairy Tales vs Fables Collage

Next up, workbooks! The older boys had letter F worksheets but their themed worksheets were solely from a packet from Teachers pay Teachers (http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Early-Learner-The-Ant-and-the-Grasshopper-Unit-Worksheets-378608). The packet reviewed the Ant and the Grasshopper from Aesops and compared and contrasted two versions. The packet had some great comprehension questions as well as sequencing, true or false, and drawing. I highly recommend it! The younger kiddo worked on two sequencing stories (Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Tortoise and the Hare) that he cut, arranged in order, and colored. Fun!

G and L F work

Ben F Work

In an effort to bring in a “fable” snack, I created a Fox and the the Grapes worksheet to share with them the fable and provide an activity and  conversation- “what would you have done?”

Fox and Grapes Work Collage

After they read the story, answered the questions, colored it in, and we discussed how else the fox could have gone about retrieving the grapes, we snacked on some skewered frozen red grapes-how refreshing!


Frozen Grapes Collage

We returned upstairs to read another fable, the Lion and the Mouse. I was able to find a comic book style version that I thought would be fun for them and a bit different than what we had read already (http://www.eslprintables.com/reading_worksheets/tales_and_stories/the_lion_and_the_mouse/Fable_The_Lion_and_the_Mouse_452903/).

Creating a lion of their own only seemed fitting! The boys cut and painted this lion template (http://www.craftscope.com/movable-lion-craft/). They then pasted on shredded tissue paper for the mane. Once dry, we used a small hole punch and brads to give the lions some life!

Lion and Mouse craft collage

Ben Lion Craft collage

Lunch tied in with this story of kindness too. This creation was almost too cute to eat! I had found some inspiration online but the mane was made up of cheez its. I was looking for something a bit more healthy and less processed when I thought of clementines. They were even cuter than the inspiration! I prepared all the parts and the boys assembled the faces on their own. They were very proud of their work!


Lion Sandwich Collage

Today was a great day of moral lessons and creativity!



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