E is for Electricity!

E is for Electricity

It’s electric…boogie woogie woogie. He He. Well it’s Friday and we made it through week 1 AND everyone is still LOVING school and totally engaged! Can’t ask for anything more.

Once again, we started our morning off right with our routine of song, pledge of allegiance, and circle time (date, weather, seasons, and shape review, address/phone number review). We followed that with the Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip. Some of it was over most of their heads so I  skimmed a bit. It sparked some great conversation though!

Workbooks went well and the written work was finished more quickly than other days; the last part of the lesson was an Electricity scavenger hunt that I had them all work on together. They had fun walking around the house coming up with the answers.

Electricity Worksheet Collage

The science kit I purchased from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004DLS2UC/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i03?ie=UTF8&psc=1) was just perfect. It was easy to read and follow along with. The instructions were very clear and the illustrations colorful. Each kiddo was able to play a part in each experiment. They couldn’t wait for their turns and were so eager to participate.

Electricity Kit Collage

I was super excited to create this snack but it proved more challenging than I had hoped. The chocolate was difficult to work with-too thick to dip the strawberries in but dried too fast to paint on well-lol. Well, I did the best I could. Regardless, they tasted heavenly!


The craft was a simple lightbulb template (http://www.daniellesplace.com/html/earthday.html) that they colored, cut out, and laminated themselves. A great reminder not to abuse electricity!

Electricity Craft Collage

For lunch, we cooked grilled cheese sandwiches on an electric stovetop! Simple but drove home the lesson.




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