B is for Bees!

B is for Bees

The kiddos were all a buzz for school today. Too much? We started the day with our morning song, the pledge of allegiance, and circle time. We read The Magic School Bus’ Inside A Beehive (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004Y7X9GC/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) and they found the information regarding the queen and hive hierarchy to be the most interesting.

We moved onto bookwork which involved Letter B work, as well as some science, math, and creative writing.

B is for Bee Worksheet Collage

Ben Bee worksheet collage

I ordered some Bee lacing cards (http://www.orientaltrading.com/pc-busy-bee-lacing-cards-a2-62_135.fltr) for the kiddos to work on as they each finished their worksheets for the day. I found I am going to need to keep extra related books (from library), or an activity on hand as they will surely be finishing at different times from one another.


Once everyone was done and had enjoyed a lacing card or two, we all grabbed a BEE sight word BINGO board (http://www.amazon.com/Busy-Bee-Sight-Word-Bingo/dp/B007VDWTW6) and jumped right into a game of BINGO! Everyone enjoyed this and we played a few rounds. I loved watching the older grade children helping out the youngins’.


We broke for snack and boy were these cute BEEs a HIT! They were surprisingly easy to make and tasted closest to a reeses peanut butter cup! It was hard not to pick at all the batter while making them. We also had some grapes on hand to add to the sweet snack. The recipe can be found here and I followed it to a T (http://www.landolakes.com/recipe/156/peanut-butter-honey-bees).


After everyone licked their fingers AND plates clean, we headed back to the school room for a simple but OH so cute craft! I found this FREE template online (http://www.spottedcanary.com/Animal_Finger_Puppets3.htm) and printed a sheet for each child. They were instructed to cut out the pieces and then assemble them. We used a hole punch for the tops of the antennas to get a small circle shape easily and used a sharpie for the body markings as the instructions suggest. I love crafts that are crazy simple AND end up super cute!

Bee Craft Collage


We broke again for lunch-a pepperoni Bee pizza and enjoyed a recess of baseball and basketball in the backyard!

Bee Pizza Collage

Again, as the weather was crazy hot and the pool we belong to is being repaired this week (awesome timing), we snuggled up for a bit to watch BEE movie! Bike riding and water fights proceeded that to top off the day!


Another great school day!

Update: The next week, we were able to visit an urban beekeeper and check out her family’s two colonies. One was a bit under construction as they had a new queen recently and hadn’t replaced the trays so the bees had a field day creating their own hives! It was cool to see the bees and learn about how their presence has greatly impacted their large vegetable garden, their recent queen change and swarm, and taste some fresh beeswax and honey! We were even able to take some home with us!

Urban Beekeep Collage

 We were also lucky enough to join last minute into a Pollinator’s Day at a local youth ranch, Galloping Grace Youth Ranch-a simply amazing place run by an amazing family! What timing with our school lesson! Again, the boys were able to learn about two great pollinators and important members of our eco system, bees and butterflies. Honey tasting and butterfly releases topped off the morning!

Pollinators Day Collage



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