Summer School Is Here! A for Art History.

A and H are for Art History

We’ve enjoyed our summer so far with hiking, movies, and fun! But now, dun, dun, dun, it’s time to buckle down and work-lol! People ask me why it is that I choose to homeschool my boys for a 4 week summer school. Last year was our first year and I, and they, found it extremely rewarding! My boys are in school full time during the year and are used to a bit of structure. They LOVE school and learning (still!) so why not capitalize on that and keep their skills strong through summer as well as introduce them to new subjects! It also forces me to buckle down and spend some serious QT with them (we all know how fast our days can get away from us with errands, phone calls, etc). I originally looked into summer camps for them and at a serious $1k A WEEK, the three of them could go to full time camp. Ummm, nope. Also, when I looked into a few of them, while many were great (and super pricey) most were just glorified child care. I knew I could do a better job teaching and guiding them. I don’t claim to be an elementary certified teacher, but I spend a ton of time in their classrooms and have been in child care for the better part of my life. I take creating their curriculum very seriously and try my best to provide them with a well rounded experience.  Well, enough of that!

We started this past Monday and are off to a great start! We began with Letters A and H for Art History. I helped with the boys’ art class this year at their school and realized when introducing Matisse, that my boys really don’t have a great understanding of famous artists. I wanted to expose them to a few more.

A majority of the worksheets I used this year, are from three sites (,, and Teachers pay Teachers) with other items pulled here and there through google bringing me to random blogs and websites. I pay subscriptions for the first two and have paid for packages from TPT but find the investments well worth it!

We began the morning (like last year) with circle time which reviews our address, shapes, weather, date, and has the boys participate in the pledge and a morning song. First thing first, we then read M is for Masterpiece (

The group then moved onto workbooks. I created age/grade specific workbooks for each boy (and made copies for friends who joined us based on which age/ability range they fell into alongside one of my boys). There are 19 lesson plans that include corresponding letter work (Letter A and H work) and theme work (artist word search, label the masterpiece, etc). I estimate an hour of each  morning for the workbooks. They are currently working on Book 1 which houses A,H through L.



Art History Worksheet Collage

I particularly found these two worksheets helpful for this unit.

After workbooks, we watched the first of two artist DVD’s(Leonardo da Vinci) from a series that is geared towards children. With cartoon characters and great dialogue, young to mid elementary children are engaged and inspired by the masterpiece artists featured in the series. Each DVD is a bit pricey, so I decided to split the cost with another mom and share the DVD’s ( The older children had an interview with an artist worksheet to fill out after the video was over that had them write in information such as birth date, country of origin, as well as famous works, etc.


We took a break for an artist inspired snack. I found these reusable trays from Michael’s and used them for lunch as well! The kids loved them. They all had fun dipping the variety of fruit in the vanilla yogurt-needless to say it was a hit!


After snack, we returned to the DVD series and moved onto Warhol. I think the boys found it fascinating that he became famous painting soup cans! We drew inspiration from his style of bold color and repeating patterns and channelled it into the craft for the day-a digital craft that is. The kids took pictures of each other and then we uploaded them to picmonkey which conveniently has a Warhol effect! They chose three color combinations and we created 8 x 10 photos that we picked up at Walgreens. These will be fun additions to our playroom wall!

Gabe Warhol Collage

The kiddos chowed down on quesadillas and an array of vibrant veggies on their  palette trays!

After a bit of recess outside playing baseball and water guns, we headed out to Art Attack where they were able to express themselves with their own choice of sculpture and paint colors. They LOVED this part  🙂


Gabe learned how to add a cool bubble effect to his piece to mimic the grey and black sample they had displayed!

Gabe bubble painting collage

Ben Angry Bird Collage


What a great first day we had!





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