Today is National Watermelon Day!


Yup, that’s right-today is National Watermelon Day! It seems like there is a National Food day every day nowadays but hey, this one I am happy to jump on. There’s just something about watermelon, especially when it’s cold and fresh on a HOT summer day. In honor of today, I rounded up some traditional and non traditional images that will hopefully inspire you to make something special of the day!  Pretty much every image is via pinterest  and there is even more inspiration to be found there!

Watermelon Nachos

See My Footrprints

And of course, how timely- Olympic Rings!

Watermelon Olympic Rings

And if you are thirsty, another great idea!

Martha Stewart

Need to cool off? Try these cold watermelon treats!

Eat Yourself Skinny

Nourishing Meals

Perhaps you need to bring a more traditional baked dessert to a BBQ today or this weekend? Try these super cute watermelon-inspired desserts!

Watermelon Cake Pop

Watermelon Cake


Watermelon Jello Slices


Enjoy a watermelon today!! I know we will.



  1. Karen Ihlein says:

    Yunmy. I want to taste some of all you posted. Guess I need to get a watermellon today.

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