Letters M, Q, V – Manners, Quality and Values

Today’s lesson was more conversation related than full of lots of activities. I originally intended for there to be a volunteer-related field trip for the afternoon but was coming up short on a lot of options that allowed a 4-year-old in tow. I was going to simply bake something with them and deliver it to a retirement community but wasn’t able to schedule something in a short period of time. This part of the lesson is to be continued! Truth be told, it was nice to have a simple 1 1/2 hour lesson today; being Friday after a busy week of school and swimming, we all were in need of some down time!

We started the day with morning circle and a bunch of books to help guide some great conversation!

Then onto some book work!

I had difficulty finding a great manner match up worksheet so I created one! You are more than welcome to it. If you use it, please leave a comment and use for personal use only!

After an easy pick your own snack, we moved onto our craft! This was a super easy but fun Cover Your Cough craft. All you need is a paper plate and some colored card stock. The boys drew themselves and then I traced their hands to use!

Ben was SO delighted when we put it all together and he realized the hand moved when you made the plate pretend to cough (think of it as being on a hinge moving up over the face and down below the plate).

The kiddos did great today and I think we all enjoyed having a nice short lesson that was full of meaning and fun!



  1. Hi Shannon, I ran across your manners worksheet and paper plate activity. I would love to use the worksheet with my sons cub scout troop to earn their manners belt loop. Would you consider sending me a link to print it out for the boys?
    Thank you for considering this,
    Kathy Varca

  2. I am planning to use the Manners matching page with Cub Scouts to discuss good manners.

  3. Lynette Johnson says:

    thank you!! using your worksheet with my son’s cub scout den!!

  4. Thank you for the Manners worksheet. I hope to incorporate this into a lesson on Manners on Wednesday for Activity days.

  5. Love this! I would love to use your worksheet for tonight we are also working on Manners for Cub Scouts belt loop.

  6. Hi Shannon!
    This is a terrific worksheet. I have been trying to create a checklist of my own, but your worksheet is far more concise than mine. I am a librarian and I am doing a manners program for Good Manners Month in September. May I use your sheet? We are a non-profit public library. Thank you! C.C.

  7. Thank you for the worksheet. I am teaching girls ages 8-11 on etiquette and this will be perfect to go along with it.

  8. Leana Iverson says:

    Hi — could you sent me your manners worksheet to use for my Tiger SCout Den!

  9. Angelique Reiss says:

    I plan on using this with my Tiger Scouts for helping them to learn manners and what it means to be respectful to others.

  10. Iben Dyke says:

    Can I have a copy of the manners worksheet please? I would like to use it in a small counseling group. Thanks.

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