Letter L – Lifecycle

We ordered painted butterflies caterpillars to arrive right at the beginning of summer school so we could watch the process knowing we would go over it when we hit Letter L for Lifecycle! Daily, the boys have been journaling the journey our six caterpillars are on. The below images are the cover and inside pages I created. They glued the observation page on the bottom of folded card stock and then drew a picture above it of what they are seeing each day. Since they have become chrysalis’, we have taken a break as not much change is taking place to the naked eye (however, much on the inside!!).

We have had them for exactly two weeks and we hope we might be seeing some butterflies by early next week!

As far as our lesson day, we had an awesome time learning with some friends and had a ton of fun!

We started with morning circle and weather graphing. We followed that with some cooking today-something new and fun for our summer school! We decided to take some super ripe bananas and give them new “life” as banana bread and continue on their life cycle! Everyone took turns mixing ingredients; the older two read off the instructions and aided the littles in measuring. The bread cooked while we did our book work and what a yummy, warm snack we had waiting for us once book work was over!

After the bread was popped in the oven, we moved on to book work. We started with Letter L work. Below is Lucas timing himself finding all the Letter L’s!

Frog lifecycle work was next and the kiddos had some awesome manipulatives from Oriental Trading to play with that I love! They played with the Frog group first!



After, we moved on to Butterfly lifecycle work and used that set of manipulatives! We took a break for our YUMMY and HOT snack and then regrouped for a special felt board story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle! We’ve had this set for years that we found at a yard sale and they’ve always had a blast taking turns putting the felt pieces on as we read.



After we finished the butterfly work, the kiddos created their very own Life Books chronicling their  lives since they were born. They had a year per page and wrote the age on the bottom. They shared what was special and what they were into each of those years through stickers. They had so much fun working on these and looking back at how much they’ve grown and changed. For the last page, they drew their own picture of what they want to be when they grow up! The books came out great!


What a great day we had learning about how things grow and change through their life!




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