Letters K and W – Kite and Wind

We started our day with circle, then headed right into book work so that we could get in some kite flying before lunch!

I couldn’t find a great worksheet on Wind so I created one. Click below and save as if you’d like to use it! Please leave a comment if you like it and use it and please use it for personal use only. Thanks!

We had a quick snack and then jumped right into crafts! Today we made a popsicle stick kite kit and kite bookmarks both from Oriental Trading Company!

Then, we were off to the park! Let me just say, I had high hopes for this outing, no pun intended! This specific day, however, there appeared to be very little wind, which is ridiculous considering how windy it usually is here! We headed down to the park and I should have known better than to take them out in the heat here at 11:45 am. Oy. Talk about whining and complaining. We had a few successful lift offs but the majority of the half an hour was chalk full of “is it time to go yet; I’m so hot; there’s too many bees; there’s no wind…” blah blah. So although the following pictures look majestic, picture me behind the lens gritting my teeth 🙂

We scurried right home for lunch, and enjoyed our kite sandwiches.

After lunch, we  went to cool down at the pool!

All in all, another great day just not the outing I had hoped for! Lol


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