Power Ranger Party Spectacular!

My 4-year-old has been obsessed with ninjas since he could walk; he walks around doing the moves without even realizing it! He is consequently super into Power Rangers, and thanks to Netflix, he has access to the some 12 or so series (seriously, I can’t believe how many versions of the Power Ranger show there are!!).  Once we found out that where he takes Taekwondo hosts birthday parties, it was a no brainer!

I created all the paper products myself, found the awesome toppers and cake pops here and purchased the water bottles at Michaels!

This simple detail was so easy to create and brought such a smile to his face! It was one of my favorite details too. I printed out a large scale picture of their face masks on full mailing label paper (full sticky sheet) and cut out the black mask. Easy and so unique!

The kiddos had tons of fun participating in basic skills training (led by the birthday ninja himself!), an obstacle course, game of human tug of war, and intense foam sword fight!

My favorite little power ranger had a fantastic birthday and the little rangers took home their white belts, a power ranger LEGO baggie, and a gift certificate to come back and try out the dojo for a few weeks!

I love how happy this day made him!!

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  1. I love those invitations! I’m trying to do the same party for my (almost) 5 year old…. did you do those yourself?

    • Hi! Sorry for the delay-we have been on the East Coast spending our summer with family and friends! Yes, I did it myself and it was SO easy! I just googled the image and uploaded it to PicMonkey! If you would like, I could do one for you as a digital file for small fee! Thanks!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    ALL Moms with boys must have a little Power Ranger at home!! Just booked @ Blackman and was googling ideas!! I would love a birthday banner! Surprised I came across this being that I am in Abq too! What is your fee? Bday party is in August? My son will be 5:)

    • Hi there! So sorry for the delayed response; I have been off the grid for some time vacationing on the East Coast with my boys and our family there. When is the party? I could still help out and Blackman’s is great; so flexible with all the little details. We had a blast!! I could do a digital file of the sign for $3 or a cut and print version for $5. The circles with the Megablock power rangers would cost more. The circles are from Party City but I could do the inside circles for $2 with all five colors. The red wire ribbon is from Michaels. Let me know and thanks for checking in-hope you come back!

  3. Love your creativity! We’re doing a Power Rangers party at our Taekwon-do studio as well. Curious where you got the belts? Did each belt have a cut-out on it? Thanks!

  4. Hi! Love the details. Was wondering where you found the images of the face masks for the balloons? Would you be willing to share the files with me? I’m throwing a PR party for my daughter next month and this would be such an easy way to create some “custom” balloons. Thanks in advance!

    • Sorry for the delay Kya! I actually googled power ranger samurai mask image, printed out the mask on full sheet label paper, cut it out and applied it to the balloon! Only apply it that day as the balloons only last a few hours! Have fun!! I would love to see pics if you have a blog to link up when it’s done.

  5. This is perfect!!!! I am doing the exact thing for my sons 5th bday this year and was searching for party favors…where did you get the white belts for the kids??

    • Yeah! It was such a fun party. Regarding the belts, our Taekwondo center includes one for each child with their package price. If your doesn’t, I would suggest just google shopping it and I bet you would find them! Make sure to like my facebook page too as I often update that with quick things more frequently than here! Have fun!!!!

  6. Hi from Across the pond!
    I am do a party for my son and looking for where you got the martial arts style writing from as would like to do banners to. Can you help?

  7. What is a power ranger Lego goody bag? It sounds awesome!! Is there a link to them or did you make them?
    Awesome job!!

  8. My daughter’s 4th birthday is in two weeks…and it’s at a local Taekwondo Studio…because she’s obsessed with Power Rangers on Netflix! Sound familiar??? Thanks for sharing pics, and you are so lucky the belts were included. I’m going to google that right now because it would add the perfect touch. It is sooooooo hard to find Power Rangers items locally. Even my Party City doesn’t carry it anymore and I live in NYC.

  9. Shawna Hirter says:

    HELP!! I need the font so I can make a banner that reads NOAH is 4! I stumbled upon your page and need it by Wednesday. Can you help please?

    • Hello! I used the BANGERS font on Pic Monkey. Just create a banner template using their design mode and then write a letter text and save as each time. Have fun!!

      • Shawna Hirter says:

        I’m not able to figure out Pic Monkey. What would you charge me to send me the file with writing Noah is 4! I did actually like the Shojumaru font better than Bangers. . . .

      • I have it ready for you! Just give me your email. Enjoy and have a blast!!! Thanks for stopping by and spread the site 😉

  10. Shawna Hirter says:

    Oh great! My email is blissedmom@gmail.com. Thanks so much! I’ve already been sharing the site 🙂

  11. Did you make the belts? I’m trying to come up with an idea for reasonably priced belts for everyone!

  12. hi were did you get the red samari symbol ( cupcake topper) I need one bad.

    • The cupcake toppers I purchased off an etsy store that seems to no longer be in business :(. However, doing a quick search on etsy, there are several different shops that make the fondant toppers! Good luck!

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