Letters D and F – Dinosaurs and Fossils

We worked on Letters D and F today and I am thrilled that the boys are still enthusiastic about summer school!

We started our day with our morning circle routine and Lucas sang “My Name is Stegosaurus” for us which he learned this year in Kindergarten; so cute!

Then, it was on to book work!

After book work is snack-certainly a favorite part of the day for the boys!

After tummies were full, it was time to construct us a volcano!

After it has time to dry, we will get started painting it and then on to the baking soda and vinegar explosion!

The craft today was particularly fun! The boys created their own dinosaurs out of fossils.


I found the following amazing fossils on Oriental Trading and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them at that time. However, it came to me the night before our school day just what to do with them! I laid out the dinosaurs and created blank work books. They used their Dinosaur sticker workbooks from Oriental Trading to decorate the covers. Together, we separated the fossils into two groups: two legged and four legged. We investigated their bone structures and looked up the different names online. They found the computer image of the dinosaur at the center of the table that matched, glued it in their books, wrote the name and genus, as well as wether or not it was an herbivore or carnivore. It took some time (more than I had anticipated) but the books came in handy when visiting the Natural History museum later and it was amazing how much they had retained of the different types once they saw them there!

After lunch, it was off to the museum!

We even enjoyed a great show at the IMAX theatre! I highly recommend it.

A great day all in all!!


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