Letters B, C, and I- Bugs, Caterpillars and Insects!

Well here we are wrapping up Day 2! It was another great day; I am so grateful they were still super excited to hear our Good Morning song and run down with pillows in hand for morning circle!

We did our regular board routine but added in this fun little song with hand movements too!

Our first hour consisted of our letter and theme book work. I once again found some great insect sheets for my second grader through TPT. You can find the packet here. We didn’t use the books but rather looked up any answers through good ol’ google. It worked just fine. I also used some worksheets from Enchanted Learning (you do need a subscription for most of the worksheets found there but I find it well worth it the investment).

After book work, we enjoyed some fun themed snacks!

We continued on with craft time after snack. We created caterpillars from egg cartons, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and pom poms. After that, we kept our paint out and painted one side of cardstock, folded it in half, and  created symmetrical butterflies. For such an old school craft, they found it really fun and were so delighted with how the image transferred over. Do glop the paint on though so it can really stick to the other side!

After recess, it was then time to create a bug diner! Take some warm water, a 1/2 cup of honey and a sponge (don’t mind my lame sponge-apparently we used the one I had placed aside for this last weekend in the garage-DOH!). Place the bowl in a wooded area and see what creatures find their way there!

After about an hour, have your bug detectives grab their magnifying glasses and take a look to see what’s there!

We only had some lame ants on ours so the boys did some further investigating throughout the yard!

As or final activity, I had purchased from Oriental Trading, giant gummy bugs. I decided to hide them in Easter eggs and place them throughout the yard. They each had three colored eggs to find (one child blue, one green, and one orange-so they wouldn’t take someone elses) that had three different gummy bugs in them. They had a blast searching for them and of course, eating them!

What a fun (albeit exhausting) day it was! I guess you can’t go wrong with bugs and kiddos!


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