Tracy Summer School Series-The Beginning!

My children LOVE to learn! However, placing all three of them in educational summer camps was CRAZY expensive so I thought, I can do this! I decided we were going to do Tracy Summer School for three weeks because we are heading back East for the majority of the summer. My goal was to touch upon each letter of the alphabet but I needed to do it in 14 days (15th day for a summer recap and memory book making). Therefore, I combined multiple letters on a lot of the days. For example, Day 2 is B, C, and I (Bugs, Caterpillars, and Insects). The other challenge was that I would be creating a curriculum for three age groups: Pre-K, First Grade, Second Grade (and an advanced second grader at that).

I began by creating our morning board.

I then spent MANY nights scouring and printing endless sheets from the wonderful world wide web to make three comprehensive workbooks that were skill and age appropriate for each boy. Each workbook provides letter work and theme work ( for example: A for Aquarium has Letter A work and Aquarium/Ocean work).

The theme for each section is the same for all three boys. For example, Letters E, P, S, and U fall under Earth, Planets, Solar System, and Universe. Each work book has the same cover page to start with (there is a cover letter for all 14 sections).

Then, there is grade level Letter work that corresponds with the section (in this case, letters E, P, S, and U).

Next, is theme work that is again, grade level appropriate (there are more than this-this is just an example).

Each section/day, will also have corresponding outdoor activities, field trips, crafts, games, and/or books to review.

In case you are curious, here are the 14 sections/themes!

The two older boys will also review the weather and temperature with graphs before they begin their workbooks. At the end of the three weeks, they will answer questions about high, lows, and median temps, etc.

As far as reward, for our boys (and it will be different for each home) Chuck E Cheese is heaven for them but a place that I DESPISE. Wait, did I capitalize that by accident? Nope. I DESPISE it there. Chaos, overpriced games and food (and gross), just mayhem. Anyway, I digress. They have the opportunity to earn 4 (sometimes 3 stickers if there is no field trip) each school day. They can earn a sticker for 1) finishing their book work, 2) finishing their crafts, 3) for having a good attitude during school (smiling, not complaining, helping each other, raising hands, etc), and 4) for good behavior on the field trip. For each sticker they earn, they receive (at the end of school), a token to use at Chuck E Cheese. IF they earn the maximum number of stickers for every day, every week (not sure this is possible), I will DOUBLE their total tokens earned. Needless to say, they are excited about the prospect of going and using all their earned tokens!

Well that’s pretty much what we are doing in a nutshell. I will be posting a wrap up for each day over the next three weeks so I hope you will follow along! I also hope to provide more details as to where I found things, what worked, etc with the individual day posts!

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  1. Great ideas! I love all the alphabet pages. Great work; you can tell you worked hard on all of those! πŸ™‚

  2. wow, this is fabulous! I don’t homeschool my daughter, but try to do some academic activities each week throughout the summer to keep up her skills. Thanks so much for all of your hard work!!

  3. Wow this is amazing! Your aunt Joanne suggested I look up your facebook and blog – I love it! Thanks for the great ideas!

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