Letter A for Aquarium!


Yesterday was Day 1 of Tracy Summer School! We began promptly at 8:30 after they had played for a bit, dressed and eaten breakfast. I am  playing a song to let them know when to come down to Morning Circle with a pillow for their little bums! I find this song so inspiring in the morning. It was so cute today; they heard the song playing through the house and came running- I hope their enthusiasm for summer school continues!

After we did the pledge of allegiance, we reviewed all the items on our board (date, weather, address, shape of the day, season, and letter of the day). We are doing a fun days of the week songs to the tune from the Munsters (there’s Sunday and there’s Monday, Tuesday and there’s Wednesday, Thursday and there’s Friday, and then comes Saturday…Days of week (clap, clap) Days of the week (clap, clap), Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week (clap, clap) AND repeat :). They responded well to it!

The big boys then grabbed the iPad and graphed the temperature forecast for the day as well as jotted down our own group weather forecast.

It was then time to start their book work for the Letter A- Aquarium (don’t mind the big ol’ crib in the background we borrowed for a friend and is not awaiting pick up back to it’s needed home).

Ben had fun working through his pages and activities! I was amazed at how well he remained focused.

Gabe had an awesome Build Your Own Aquarium dice rolling game I purchased off of TPT. Basically each two die combo results in an item off the key to add to your aquarium ( roll a 3 and a 4 and add a castle to your aquarium!). He loved it!

Lucas also had a great aquarium math exercise from TPT to work on after his Letter work was done. His was a simple tally and graph exercise that he too LOVED!

Once book work was done, we took a break and had a fun snack! I served classic goldfish crackers, and this little cutie! Blue jello with a swedish fish poking his head out of the water 🙂

We then moved onto crafts! We worked on two crafts. The first one was a set from Oriental Trading Company.

The next craft was a simple paper plate, glue, sand, and goldfish cracker craft! Simply design your image with glue, shake on the sand, and glue on the fish. Once dry, seal it with saran wrap and you have your own aquarium!

After all our fun was had, we headed out to the aquarium!

It was an excellent first day and I hope the fun continues!!!


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