Thank You Coach-We Had A “Ball”!

Our boys started their first seasons of baseball this year and are lovin’ it! We are having a blast watching them come into their own. I love the fun they are having and the confidence they are gaining.

As a thank you to their wonderful coaches, the boys and I wanted to give them a small token of our appreciation!

I saw this inspiration from Simply This and That and loved it!

We needed to adjust it for our baseball coaches and we know they like chocolate! So here is our version!

Drumroll please……

I picked up the clear paint cans at Michael’s and the Batter Up ribbon there as well. The baseball ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. I had to order the candies online because they were surprisingly hard to find around here! They are just too cute and so simple!

The boys can’t wait to thank their coaches for all the fun they have had this season!!

What are some gifts you have given coaches?

Tip Junkie handmade projects


  1. What a great idea! I also have two boys that are playing baseball this season! I will definitely get my crafty skills on and make this for them! THANK YOU for making my life easier! 🙂

  2. This is completely adorable!! Thanks for the idea – I’ll have to do this for my daughter’s soccer coach!

  3. LOVE this!! How do you print the label the right size for the jar? When I try it comes out huge?

    • Hi! I actually inserted it into Excel and created a cell about the size of the lid (measure it’s width) and had to cut around by hand as I didn’t have that size craft punch! Thanks!

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