Fun with the new Martha Stewart labels from Staples!

It’s no surprise that I like minimal items on my kitchen countertops-clutter just plain ol’ bugs me! So needless to say, having children’s vitamins sitting out is an eye sore for me (oh please, you know it bugs you too 🙂 ). However, if I put them away, out of sight and out of mind! The packaging (even the healthy ones) are just too busy for me. So I snagged these great glass jars and slapped on some of my favorite Martha labels and voila, cute and functional!

My favorite labels of her line, however, have to be the chalkboard labels. They are just outright fun! I added one to my utensil crock and you can even wipe them off and leave different messages!

I love the flourish design of the following ones and decided I would laminate and hole punch them and add them to a ring to help keep the freezer organized. It bothers me when chicken breasts are floating around and I don’t have a good idea of exactly how many are in there. Half empty boxes of breakfast items are frustrating too when you are making your shopping list and have to open them all to check. Doh.

Well there you go! The options and varieties of her line are endless. I love them all!

Have you purchased any of her labels or office products? Any favorites?

wednesday's wowzers



  1. motivatedmommyoftwo says:

    Those look really nice are they expensive?

    • Hey there! I don’t think they’re too bad. The 12 pack of flourish chalkboard labels or circle labels are $5.99 and Staples is often running a $3 off any $10 purchase of Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ products! They are really durable and so well done. You should get a pack and give them a whirl!

      • motivatedmommyoftwo says:

        Thanks I might stop by a staples tomorrow and pick some up.

      • Allison says:

        Over the past few weeks, Staples has been including a coupon for the Martha Stewart line in their circulars. I think there was a 20% off one item, a $5 off $25 purchase etc.

  2. I love those chalkboard labels too!

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