A Few of My Favorite Things-Crafting Version

Yes, I hear Julie Andrews singing when I type that title. C’mon, I can’t be the only one…

There are six items that I hands down use daily (or maybe every other day but you get the point!). I thought I would share these awesome items with all of you1.

1. White Card Stock Paper (90 pound!)  You can buy this in a package with as little as 50 pieces at craft stores or 100 pieces at Target but the best value is obviously in bulk ( Amazon and Staples has some for $12-$14 for 250 pieces). I use this paper for everything! Cards for people, printable cupcake toppers, banners, lunch box notes, flash cards, personalized memory games. Basically, anything you intend to laminate, should be on this type of paper. Regular printer paper will buckle when laminated so the kind you use definitely need some oomph!

2. Adhesive Scrapbook Tape Runner (Permanent) I prefer (and I have tried a few brands) the Tombo Mono permanent adhesive tape. It costs around $6 initially but then the refills are around $3 each. I despise the Scotch version of this so skip it altogether! This can be used for sooooo much crafting awesomeness. It is basically a double sided and thinner version of regular tape but it is strong as well-a small amount goes a loooong way!
3. Double Sided Mounting Tape (Scotch is the only one I use!)  This is the most versatile item out there. I use if for anything from hanging banners at parties to keeping frames from shifting on walls. My children use it to help items stand up in dioramas and I have even used it to prevent my rugs from slipping. Now how’s that for an all-in-0ne item! I always grab one at Target to have as backup!
4. Exacto knife (KEEP IT HIGH AND OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN) I think we all know what an Exacto knife is but again, it is so versatile. I use it for trimming, cutting out precise spaces (like between an arm and body of a paper doll :P), and in place of a 12 x 12 cutter for long lines as I have yet to find one I really like (if you have one you LOVE, please share).
5. Assorted Binder Rings (Office Max has a great assorted pack and single pack of 1″). I use these most often for keeping flash cards on. However, these are great as well for labeling toy baskets and other items around the house with (hole punch a 2″ card stock circle, give it a title, laminate it, hole punch it, and you have a custom label).
6. And last but not least, the 3M Scotch laminator (insert singing angels and bright lights)!!! If you know me, it is absolutely no surprise that I LOVE my laminator. And let’s face it, those who mock me are in the end turning around to ask me to laminate something for them 🙂 I purchased the Scotch laminator off of Amazon and every so often they have flash sales on it and you can get it as low as $17!!!!!! I purchased my for around $22 and that is still a steal for this machine. It is consistently reliable and SO easy to use-right out of the box! The laminating sheets tend to cost me in the end than the machine. Keep an eye for when they are on sale and stock up! Or if you tend to run out and need instant gratification like me, Target sells them too 🙂 I have laminated awards the boys have brought home, class photos, flash cards, lunch box notes, anything I want to be used over and over again so that I can use a dry erase marker on it (like letter writing sheets with lines for practicing those tricky A, B, and C’s!), and homemade memory games. Really, I find a new use for it weekly!

And those my friends, are the most common things I use! I am also obsessed with craft punches (another post 🙂 and have begun using burlap and twine more recently and you will see those here and there in craft photos I post.

What are you favorite items to use?


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