Manners Match It Up Worksheet-Freebie!

Yes, ANOTHER free printable this week. I know, if I could pinch you from here I would; free stuff is so dreamy! This is a quick matching manners worksheet I made tonight as a supplement to a Manner and Values themed summer program I am creating for my kiddos. For some reason, finding a simple worksheet like this was near impossible-at least not with as many scenarios as this. So I thought maybe you would  enjoy it too!! (Right Click Save As and Enjoy!).

Again, please use for personal use only. Leave a comment if you like it!

I linked this beauty up to:

wednesday's wowzers
Tip Junkie handmade projects



  1. This is a darling printable! What a great idea and a perfect way to teach about manners. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  2. This is great! Found it through a friend who shared it on pinterest. Thanks!

  3. Taya McCoy says:

    Can I use this with kids I am teaching social skills to?

  4. Love this worksheet. I am a homeschool mom and I’m always looking for creative ideas from other moms for teaching everyday life lessons. If you have any bible lessons I would love to know about those too :0

  5. When you did this activity did you have the girls do it as a group or individually?

  6. This is awesome and just what I’m looking for today!!! Thank you! I too have 7,6, and 3 year old boys! I loved your description in the side bar! I too have my boys in public school but am a huge proponent of supporting that education at home with Mommy! This morning one of my boys had a huge manner issue and this will be my follow up this afternoon when he gets home along with lots of other instruction. Thank you! I’ll be back to your blog!!!

  7. Tanya Shaw says:

    Thank you! I am using this for my Daisy troop! 🙂


  1. […] simple worksheet from Enchanted Yankee is a really lovely way to continue teaching my daughter good manners! I’ll be printing it out […]

  2. […] this will be a great way for us to start this conversation and all get onto the same page.  You can find this printable at Enchanted Yankee.  Go to that link and follow her instructions.  Easy peezy! This next link is to […]

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