Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt!

While searching through blogs for Spring break ideas to keep this super cute bunch busy, I came upon an awesome memory-making neighborhood scavenger hunt from Amy at Positively Splendid. I pretty much followed what she did, however, I created 10 cards to tape up to each location rather than carry the book around. I wanted my emergent reader to work on sharpening his reading skills while on break. I also wanted him to continue working on his shapes (octagons).  I added in some more challenging clues for my oldest (first grader) such as  the fire hydrant (which had him for a minute!). My preschooler listened along and had some fun guessing too! I wanted them to have a blast and get some great exercise ALL while using their melons!

Brrr….it was cold out but beautiful!

Tricky mom cleverly made hand washing clue #9 knowing what clue #10 was bringing 🙂

I loved that they had a blast and that it was FREE and easy to create-thanks Amy!

I love how the scrapbook came out too. Some great memories of them at these amazing ages!

What great and FREE things did you do over Spring break to stay busy (and sane!)?



  1. Great idea! We’ll be trying this in the day care! If you like scavenger hunts, you should try geo caching…

  2. Let me know if you want to letterbox the next time you are visiting MA 🙂

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