Nope, it’s not just for picnics! Awesome Art Storage Solution

We have been through various organizing solutions for markers and crayons, many in fact. We’ve tried individual cases by child but those always ended up all over the house. I thought those would work well for taking with us to restaurants, etc. but we have a small case of crayons and markers in our Let’s GO bag (future post 😉 ), so it was overkill. I have seen caddies before too but they were always too deep for crayons, kiddo scissors, etc. I started seeing picnic caddies used and thought, genius. I had yet to come across any styles I liked until yesterday when shopping Hobby Lobby for some St. Patty’s days treats. And then there, right before my eyes, were their Spring picnic caddies in a rainbow of colors. With a 40% off coupon, BOOM, it came in right around $10. Woo-hoo!! It holds ALL our markers (which are a lot) and more! We do have some crayon overflow but those are stored up high (recycling one of the individual boys cases to store them) and I will refill the basket with them as the ones out break. AND it has a handy handle, which makes it easy for carrying between rooms. LOVE. I also whipped up this cute little label to add onto it (c’mon everything needs a label 🙂 ). You can scroll down and Save As the image at the end if you would like a label too!

A fun little label if you would like 🙂

How do you organize your markers and crayons?

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  1. Great idea! I’ve been using a Pampered Chef Tool Turn-About for art supplies.

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