DIY St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts!

A major problem when shopping for my boys is that most clothing items are style-wise, OVERDONE. It is so challenging to find a simple graphic. So for St. Patty’s Day, I figured why not create my own. How hard could it be? Actually, it was seriously easy. Simply create your image (I did so in Picnik-sniff sniff-what will I do when they are closed….anyway, I digress). I used a light green background so I could easily see the white shamrock when cutting. I decided to go with a white shamrock as the shirts are green and I wanted it to pop!  I then followed the step by step directions that came with the iron on transfer package and voila! I also love that they all match as finding 4T items for my littlest can be challenging when buying big boy sizes like S and M for the older two. I picked these shirts up at Target for $5 each!

And drumroll please….

Two out of the three kiddos posing ain’t too shabby! Lol.

What do you think? I LOVE them. Has anyone else used the iron-on transfers before?



  1. Cute idea! I always keep extra iron-on transfer paper and blank tees on hand for those nights (9:00pm) when Jenessa says “Oh, I forgot we’re all supposed to wear ____ to school tomorrow!”

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