DIY Clothesline Art Display

One of the most common issues clients and friends of mine with children have is (drumroll please)….. what to do with their children’s artwork. For some reason we (not all but many), feel as though trashing what the littles bring home is like throwing away bits of their childhood. By discarding their priceless works of art, we are not celebrating who they are and their talents. Let’s get real. I have a few treasured pieces from my youth and if I had ALL the pieces, I would be cursing my parents right now for not only would I be stressed figuring out how to store my own children’s art, BUT ALSO my own too. Jeesh. No thanks. I think I will spare my children from that and only hold onto the keepers. And c’mon, you know what the keepers are. If they have three identical drawings of their family done at age 3, keep one. Seriously.

Now, for what to do with the keepers. I have created a personalized art clothesline for each boy’s room that is a rotating display. When the pieces are out of season or the line is too full, I once again revisit if it is a lifelong keeper and store it in a large, legal sized archival box like this one. They come in oodles of colors so each family member can have an easily marked container.

Now for the fun clothesline which is super easy to create and significantly cheaper than those found online like this one.

By making it yourself, you can coordinate it perfectly with your space. With the options from stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby, finding wooden shapes painted or unfinished (which allows for even MORE customizing) are easy. Narrowing down which ones to use is sometimes the hardest part.

What you will need:

*Pack of clothespins

*Your choice of wooden shapes for clips and end pieces. Probably at least 8 (6 clips and 2 end)

*Picture wire and picture hanger set

*Hot glue gun

Attach the painted wooden shapes to the clothespins with the hot glue. While they are drying, hang the picture wire clothesline. I would allow at least 6 feet but measure how much line you want before you cut it (and a bit extra for wrapping around the loop piece).

Once the chosen end pieces are dried clip them over the hanger to conceal the hardware and get to hangin’ those masterpieces!!

What do you think? What other creative and inspiring ways do you display your little Picasso’s works of art?

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  1. motivatedmommyoftwo says:

    I love this!!! I have been wanting to create something like this for my kids but had no idea how to get started. This project is great since I already have clothe pins, glue gun at home. I would just need the other supplies.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Yes, it is so easy and customizable! Look for the blank shapes too if you want to choose your own colors. Endless options. Have fun. When you finish, you should post a pic on my facebook page to share (or make a post and share it with me on my facebook page too!). Thanks for checking in and make sure to come back!

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